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Eagles' new-look defense and other NFL schematic trends to watch

This feels like the busiest NFL offseason in a long time. Players at the All-Pro level have new homes, new head coaches and coordinators across the league, and the proliferation of college games into the NFL has changed the map of the professional level.

With more emphasis on spreading the defense and playing in space, the steal box is getting lighter. This creates some overlap in the NFL as coordinators find jobs elsewhere and players move from one team to another. Here are some teams I’m interested in, whether it’s because of new players or new plans.

Philadelphia Eagles defense looks like it’s going to take big passes

albeit from Matt Ebever Ruth’s Indianapolis Colts, but second-year defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon has more similarities with former Broncos head coach and longtime defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and Chargers head coach Brandon Place Staley.

I mean, Fangio and Staley’s defense played a lot of quarterback and quarter-quarter-half defense, This means a lighter case up front. Getting around a stop run to stop an explosive pass is the way multiple teams do. It’s still important to stop running, but being able to do it with less body allows you to put more energy into passing, Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said at the clinic two years ago. The Eagles are no strangers to this. In the preseason, Gannon played both four-man forwards and five-man forwards and was able to change the situation in the frontcourt.

There is a pair not here like 5-1 , but those fronts (including 5-1) will account for 90 percent or more of the season the Eagles will play. All 3 of their main personnel groups (4-2-5, 3-3-5, 3-4-4) are represented and this is how they line up. 4 person and 5 person line.

— The Honest NFL (@TheHonestNFL) September 4, 2022

I’m glad to see this defense because now the personnel fit the plan they want to run. They tried to participate in these programs last year, but they didn’t have the right person. Jordan Davis, a first-round pick and defensive tackle for the Eagles. What Davis allows the Hawks to do is legally hit the lighter box. Davis, at 6-foot-6 and 340 pounds, has the size, speed and instincts to be a running defense, and Gannon will play him at the four- and five-man forward positions, allowing the Eagles The team is more versatile.

In addition, the Hawks also signed James Bradbury, who has a good eye and instinct for zone defense . According to Sports Information Solutions (SIS), James Bradberry leads the NFL on Cover 2, Cover 4 and Cover 6 coverage. The current Eagles CB Darius Slay is third. The addition of Bradberry allows Philadelphia to get better on the perimeter and play more area coverage. Then trade Chauncey Gardner-Johnson to Gannon for a versatile piece that all Fangio/Starley defenses should have.

Gardner Johnson is one of the best defensive players in the league, but will also play safe. In a modern defense, a safety must be able to play in the paint while still covering the catcher. In Gannon’s defense, CGJ will be required to carry the slot receiver vertically and play from top to bottom.

The Hawks have improved their defense in an offseason, and their performance should make a difference in the coming year People are excited.

How Russell Wilson fits into the Denver Broncos offense

Sorry to keep Rath Cook from working in 2022. The campaign to get Wilson pitching early in 2020 has often failed in the second half of the season. In many ways, Russell Wilson’s 2020 season reminds me of Aaron Rodgers’ 2018 season.

The Packers offense was stagnant and uncohesive, with Rodgers the QB and the coach. According to Ben Baldwin’s RBSDM website, the Packers were third in early passing percentage but 11th in total EPA points per offensive game and finished 6-9-1. Enter Matt LaFleur, where the 2019-2021 early fall pass rate dropped to No. 7, but their combined efficiency skyrocketed to No. 2.

Nathaniel Hackett from the Packers, now the head coach of the Broncos, his biggest task is to pack The Engineers’ offense was mixed with Wilson. Rodgers and LaFleur are doing really well because everything in the attack is cohesive. RPO use, out-of-zone runs; it all fits into the plan, and while the Packers are buzzing, the offense is one of the best in the NFL. Wilson’s playing style will have to change slightly due to age, but that change may not be as pronounced due to Hackett and the offense he’ll bring to Denver.

Baltimore Ravens defense under new coordinator

Last year, the Baltimore Ravens gave up a lot of explosive passes (over 15 yards). It’s the result of a serious injury in the back end and playing in the Wink Martindale defense. Martindale will aggressively attack and play his secondary in a feast or famine fashion: either offense or defense.

Enter new Ravens defensive coordinator Mike McDonald. MacDonald, who comes from the University of Michigan (previously the Ravens’ position coach), will bring more quarterly coverage for the Ravens and less blitz than his predecessor. However, the reason the Ravens are here is because of the personnel they have in the back end.

6 Buzz (race) Creeper/Mike Macdonald of Michigan. The spin of the 6 Buzz disguises the two tall shells well. Also, you can compare WS as a weak hook defender “3 Up is 3” to overrun.

— James Light (@JamesALight) December 2, 2021

Make Marcus Peters fully healthy for this time Defense as well as rookie safety Kyle Hamilton is critical. Hamilton is a modern safety, a versatile guy who can put a lot of hats on the Ravens defense.



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