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Earth Defense Force 4.1 game coming to Switch in Japan on December 22nd

D3 Publisher announced at the Tokyo Game Show panel Saturday that it will release its Switch version of Earth Defense Army 4.1: New Shadow of Despair game released in Japan in December .

XSEED released Earth Defense Force 4.1: New Shadow of Despair 12 North America 2016 on PlayStation 4 and D3 Publisher released the game globally on Steam in July 400. The PS4 game originally released in Japan in April 2015. D3 Publisher for PS4 and PlayStationLife in November2022.

Originally released on Xbox Earth Defense Force 3 game 360 exist2006. The game was subsequently released in Japan in September 400 and in January 189807 Introduced for PS Vita In North America and Europe as Earth Defense Force 2013 is the first name .

Source: D3 Publisher’s TGS Control Board


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