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Eddie Hearn backs Jake Paul over Anderson Silva

Eddie Hearn has always been Jack Paul is a famous critic of boxing skills, but that’s not to say he’s not good enough to beat former UFC champion Anderson Silva.

Hearn joins Paul as co-sponsors of Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano’s latest blockbuster boxing match , at a press conference around that time, Hearn told Paul in person that he didn’t think he would be particularly successful in his career.

However, the head of Matchroom Boxing doesn’t think the October 29 match against Silva has any particularly useful information for Paul that may or may not be in the game with Tommy Fury or Hasim Rahman Jr et al – Hearn sees these two fighters as a tougher test for his credentials.

“I don’t know enough about Anderson Silva. Anderson is [47], but he can control a bit by the sound of things,” Hearn said in Said to Ariel Helwani in a version of MMA Hour, by MMA Fighting.

” I just think Jake is a little bit unlucky because he wants to fight Tommy Fury, he wants to fight Hasim Rahman Jr, that would actually give him the ability to say, ‘Actually, you have to respect me now As a boxer.

” beat Anderson Silva while boxing is still impressive as part of his repertoire, he Still not a boxer, and he’s 47 years old. But he’s a tough guy, he has a high profile, he can box and I think he’ll be very competitive. I don’t think he can beat Jack because I think Jack is young and I think he can play a little bit, I’m interested and I like what Jack does. This is his way of turning against the world.

“Nobody tried to do him any favors in boxing,” Hearn added. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s not ‘YouTube boxing’ anymore.

“Good luck to Jack. I would love to see him actually fight some fighters after this because I think he can beat some and his credibility in the sport will definitely go up. ”




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