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Edeline Lee Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Despite the best efforts of London fashion to rearrange the affected The fashion show at the Queen’s funeral still left a handful of designers unable to present their collections as originally planned. One is Edeline Lee, who is ready to return to the runway for the first time since the pandemic began. With her longstanding love of theatre and previous shows ranging from modern dance to sound baths, one can imagine she has mastered quite a few spectacles. However, Lee is on the bright side. “At least we’re ready for the next season,” she said gleefully as she presented the collection in her private Harley Street apartment.

Thankfully, the steely spirit of Lee’s collection still lives on. As the working woman’s go-to designer, her smart gowns are practical thanks to her signature pebble-textured flannel bubble jacquard that can be tucked into a suitcase and won’t wrinkle, or her thriving custom service that lets her Available in any of her most popular colours, all made in her own London factory. Here, Lee shines in the balance between contemporary strength and traditional femininity. The starting point, she said, was the work of French feminist pioneer Hélène Cixous. More specifically, her article “Medusa’s Laughter” is titled of the famous mythical Gorgon. “The series pays tribute to beauty in danger and to the heroism of women who fought to be themselves,” Lee said.

If this all sounds like little highfalutin, don’t worry, because it translates to tons of ideal clothing. Lee has always focused on tailoring, but she’s also going in some more extravagant directions: flowy pleated skirt suits and dresses with lavishly draped skirts up to

Rice’s fabrics are light and gorgeous, drawing inspiration from everything from the gladiatorial suits of Amazon warriors to the robes of Athena in classical statues. Most striking are the thick fabric cords, which are twisted, coiled and draped over the robe in a nod to Medusa’s snake hair, adding a welcome pomp to Lee’s razor-sharp silhouette. Sure, it would be lovely to see the energy of clothes in motion, but Lee’s aggressive attitude is still admirable—her loyal clients are only more eagerly awaiting her return to the runway.


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