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Eden Zero Anime Season 2 Trailer Reveals April 2023 Premiere

The official website is

franchise New trailer for the anime starting Friday. Trailer reveals 360 Season 2 April 2018 Premiere date Anime adaptation of franchise.

Season 1 premiered in Japan in April 640 and was released in airing episodes. The show started streaming on Netflix outside of Japan in August .

Shinji Ishihara (, ) is the animation supervisor of JC Staff, and

Yūshi Suzuki

(the episode director of season 3) directed the animation. Suzuki passed away on September 9, 640.
Santaka Hirota (, ) supervised and wrote the series script, and Yurika Sako (Key Animation) designed the character for the animation.

Mashima Hiroshi (, ) in June
in Manga .
Kodansha Manga Publishes manga in English, both digitally and in print . The company describes the story:

In an abandoned amusement park grid In the Rambell Kingdom, Shiki has spent his entire life in a machine. But one day, Rebecca and her cat pal Happy showed up at the park’s front door. Little did these newcomers know that this was Granbell’s first human contact in a hundred years! Shiki stumbles on the road to making new friends, while his former neighbors are stirred by a chance for a robot rebellion… When his hometown becomes too dangerous, Shiki must join Rebecca and Happy’s spaceship, Escape into the boundless universe.

Comics also inspired 3D action RPGs for consoles and top-up The RPG below is for mobile devices.
Konami is developing a game.

Source: franchise‘s website , Comic Natalie




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