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Eldorado Olifant by Imraan Christian

Cousin Vino

About this project

Celebrating the Aboriginal families of Eldorado Park, one of Johannesburg’s most notorious areas, through a stylish editorial driven by recycled denim.

This story explores the thread that binds generations together; timeless style. 501 Eternal in nature and beloved by the matriarch of the Olifant family; Aunt Janet. This story explores this idea of ​​intergenerational connections through the cyclical nature of fashion. The Family in the Frame, affectionately known as the Olifant Family by the El Dorado community, is a tight knit group of style benders and community cornerstones.

By using upcycled Levi’s classic pieces such as 501, this story explores the cycle of timeless fashion, especially In order to become more sustainable. If your clothes are timeless, there’s no such thing as a waste.

These portraits show the interconnectedness of the family through a stylish vehicle,

a cornerstone of conversation.

Photo: Imraan Christian, Styling: Amy Zamaa in collaboration with artist African Ginger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

501501501 501



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