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Elite Class II ‒ Episode 12

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Last episode ending, I’m scared we’ll get The few minutes Karuizawa was tortured this week. Fortunately, we decided not to waste our time and unnecessarily draw something out. The result is that we see Karuizawa as a The character grows and accepts that there is a line she won’t cross to protect herself (even if it’s arbitrary). In the past, Karuizawa’s life has always taken the line most likely to protect her from bullying. Through her relationship with Ayanokouji, she has transcended this point – swaying the will of the class through her words and actions. She has proven herself useful to others because she can. It was this pride that gave her the courage not to back down from Ryuuen and even accept the terrible things Ayanokouji did to her in order to build their relationship. She decided to use ends as means. It’s a solid pinnacle of her arc, and the foundation upon which she’s primed for the great things to come — even if she’s been overshadowed by the series’ main villain’s action climax and last bit of character development so far.

This week’s show is all about explaining why Ryuen is his Look: He’s obsessed with fear. For him, fear was the easiest way to control those around him—after all, even if people hated him, as long as they were scared enough, they would do as they were told. The most direct way to instill this fear is through violence and coercion.

Ryuen believes all he needs is to make anyone bend to him Will their one fear. At the same time, since he has never experienced fear himself, he is convinced that he cannot be controlled in the same way. That’s why he remains so confident even after Ayanokouji completely destroyed not only his thugs, but himself as well. As long as he doesn’t give up, he will eventually find what Ayanokouji fears. He may lose battle after battle, but it doesn’t matter as long as he wins the war. It was Aya who finally destroyed Ryuen in spirit Kouji didn’t care – didn’t care about Ryuuen, didn’t care about Karuizawa, didn’t even care about his beatings. If Ayanokouji didn’t care about anything, he really couldn’t feel the fear. On the other hand, even Ryuuen has something he doesn’t want to lose, and Ayanokouji may have scared him for the first time. Ryuen has spent his entire life thinking he possesses an unstoppable superpower that allows him to get what he wants. But not feeling fear pales in comparison to the power of not caring about anything at all.


Random thoughts:

• — “How do you kill a man without fear?” — “Put your fear on him.”

• Won’t lie, seeing Class- is simply a Kind of catharsis – C’s leadership finally kicked their crap out.

• I love how well Ayakouji suffers to hide A lot of blows he was.

• I am very impressed with the battle scene animation in this part satisfy. There’s some nice combat choreography and motion capture used to bring the battles to life.

• I’m glad we could see Ayanokoji covering A short video of Ass His teacher and former student council president were both present to testify.

• I really want to hear about Ayanokouji set of ideas. I’m not sure how much of his actions was planned and how much was improvised – and whether he really intended to leave Karuizawa out to dry.

• I don’t think Ayanokouji cares about Karuizawa. But I do think he cares about keeping his word — or at least showing people that he does. After all, if people don’t trust you, it’s hard to manipulate them.

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