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Elizabeth Banks learning how to have an abortion for 'Call Jane' was treated 'without understanding' during surgery

Elizabeth Banks says she thinks she can have abortion after finishing latest project ) call Jane .

Directed by Phyllis Nagy, Hayley Shore and Roshan Ceci co-written about Jane’s movie, an underground abortion care network, in the late ‘ era and Early’70s, which saw Banks play a suburban housewife who seeks abortion care after learning of her second pregnancy could threaten her life.

in to Vanity Fair while speaking) About the movie, which will be in theaters in October. 28, the actress, director and producer opens up about what she learned while filming. This includes how she learned to have an abortion like her character. Here’s what she’s saying now, and she thinks she “may actually be able to,” albeit with some issues.

“I wanted to do a little more practice because I never actually swelled anyone – I had to learn about the tools, watch the videos,” she explained. “But the procedure we started with 1968, there are similarities, but not exactly the same. Most abortions these days are self-performing with two pills Managed.”

While Banks has always been an advocate for abortion care rights, her Call Jane characters lived in a time before Roe when it was still illegal in most states. As the actress also points out, she still faces people in the medical field who ignore her sensitivity to reproductive health care because of her gender.

Asked about standing on either side of the gynecologist’s stirrups, Banks noted that the experience involved “a lot of sensory memory in the performance,” adding that It was “very intimate, everything a woman goes through.”

She went on to tell her story of being fired by a male technician while making an appointment to treat an ovarian cyst.

“It was a specialized procedure that had to be done by male technicians I had never seen before,” she recalls. “He started his surgery and there was no bedside way, it was so painful. I said, ‘Can you stop? It actually made me sick and I was worried I was going to throw up.'”

But instead of being sensitive, Banks said “He treated me like, ‘Can’t you just put it together?'” So she put up with this The pain of the process, “There’s this asshole technician in this room, don’t know what [my feelings] are.”

“Then I walked over to my car and I Eyes wide as fuck,” she continued. “Honestly, that’s what I had in mind when I had the surgery in the movie. A sensory memory that’s easy to bring up because it’s raw and fresh, even though it’s or 10 years ago now.”



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