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Elle Fanning on Paco Rabanne, Fame, and Aesthetic Duality

Elle Fanning is more than one thing – especially when it comes to style. “I have a real duality myself—I’m very feminine, but at the same time, I like things that are a little bit edgier and tough,” she says. The actor proves it time and time again, allowing ultra-feminine, sweet, rococo influences (The Great, The Beguiled) and barbed punctuation (Teen Spirit, The Neon Demon) and her best The iconic persona permeates her approach to real-life fashion and beauty. Given the contrast and her familiarity with the public eye—which she’s lived in since she was two—it was only natural that Paco Rabanne would turn to the actor as the face of its latest fragrance, Fame.

Photo: Courtesy of Paco Rabanne

“Fame can be really fun sometimes, you know, when you walk down the red carpet, it’s very glamorous, really Exciting,” Fanning said. “I think the bottle and the whole idea oozes glamour, in a beautiful way.” The fragrance is whimsically housed in a gold-plated robot wearing the signature design of Labanna himself, who is in today’s sadly passed away. It’s the signature chainmail midi dress, an appropriate choice considering the warm scent embodies the famous fashion house’s Parisian vibe and the fun-loving spirit associated with modern femininity. Fanning added that the bottle’s blend — a blend of pure jasmine, mango and heady notes — is exactly what she’s looking for in a fragrance. “It’s floral, it’s refreshing, it’s a little sweet, and I really like it,” she says.




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