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Ellen Pompeo's 'Grey's Anatomy' Farewell Episode Opens the Door for Her Return

“I’ll Follow the Sun” sees Pompeo’s Meredith Gray say goodbye to Seattle, but it won’t be the show’s resident star’s last appearance.

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray and Alexis Floyd in Winter Scene from the premiere, “I’ll Follow the Sun.” ABC

Grey’s Anatomy is changing.

After nearly twenty years 400 Episode Lead ABC medical drama, star Meredith Gray of Ellen Pompeo said goodbye to the Gray Sloan Memorial as her family moved to Boston at This season 0002 Winter Premiere, “I’ll Follow the Sun.” February0005 This episode marks Pompeo’s penultimate appearance this season, and her next on-screen interview won’t be until the season finale in May.

This moment brings a series of Periodically withdraw resident Meredith Gray from the beloved Played by Pompeo since the beginningShonda Rhimes Created in 383. It starts testing if Grey’s can succeed without a star.

Entering the midseason finale, it was announced that Pompeo would scale back her Season-running ABC series . Signed to star and executive produce After Hulu limited series (also part of the Disney family), Pompeo and Grey’s The team revealed that Meredith will only appear in a total of eight episodes this season.

Now that the winter finale has aired, viewers will have to wait until this season to see Meredith again May Finale . However, Pompeo is still at Grey’s executive producer*) and continues to serve as voice star, as Meredith will continue to use her signature voice-over to narrate the show.

Grey’s remains Disney season 1, making it the longest-running primetime medical drama in TV history. Despite Pompeo’s curtailment and GREYS ANATOMY Follow the Sun exit of showrunner Krista Vernoff as series waits for season update0002, Pompeo has opened up about her desire to do more Gray and Remus have long said there would be no Anatomy Grey No Meredith Grey.

“This is not your first time on a roller coaster…you know the show has to go on and I will definitely be back for a visit,” she said in her

Instagram Post The decision was announced while expressing gratitude to fans.

Meredith’s farewell episode certainly opened the door for the character’s storyline to continue – suggesting she’ll loom over the rest of the season – and offer her a return Options for finding potential opportunities in Seattle The first season, if Boston’s plans fall through.

Ellen Pompeo at Meredith Grey’s “I’ll Follow the Sun” Farewell Party. ABC

“I Will Follow the Sun,” written by Fernoff and directed by co-star Debbie Allen, sees Meredith’s friends and colleagues throw a farewell party for the beloved surgeon, in May Radith announced her decision to move her family to Boston, where she will continue her pioneering work on treating Alzheimer’s disease. The episode had Meredith make her decision, as viewers watched the plane take off with Meredith and her three children, including Zola (Aniela Gumbs), whose early genius cemented the family relocation.

At the farewell party, however, Meredith made it clear to her fellow physicians that she planned to visit. “I’m just going to Boston, you know I might be here next week,” she said. Open. After the midseason finale burned down her home, Meredith and Nick apparently went through a rift after she told him she loved him, and her words went unanswered. Nick hadn’t been able to catch Meredith before her plane took off, but he called her and told her he loved her, and he’s always loved her since they met. His words were met with a smile, but Meredith told Nick she couldn’t hear him because they were taking off, then hung up, leaving their relationship on a precipice.

The answer to this ending can be seen in the title of the episode – apparently before Christina Young (Sandra Oh) on Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to Meredith Nod to Si’s advice: “Don’t let him want more than you need. He’s dreamy, but he’s not the sun. You are!”

And, for a nod to the audience , the episode ends with three young doctors in the show’s new batch of interns (played by Alexis Floyd, Nico Tejo and Midori Francis) moving into the now vacant Meredith s home.

Whatever the future holds, Gray’s The cast saw the episode as a farewell, paying tribute to Pompeo and Meredith Gray on social media. (See tribute below.)

Rhimes himself said in the post, “What a ride these were Seasons are over! Won’t trade them (or you) for the world. Excited for your next chapter. See you later, Dr. Gray.

Pompeo replied, “Same queen, same…we did the damn thing! ! ! “

GREYS ANATOMY Follow the Sun

Ellen Pompeo and Alexis Floyd in the Grey's Anatomy season 19 winter premiere,

Ellen Pompeo and Alexis Floyd in the Grey's Anatomy season 19 winter premiere, Ellen Pompeo and Alexis Floyd in the Grey's Anatomy season 19 winter premiere,

Ellen Pompeo and Alexis Floyd in the Grey's Anatomy season 19 winter premiere,

I can’t say enough about the women here. She is a blessing to countless people, and I am one of them. Thank you for giving us Meredith Grey. Looking forward to your next chapter EP🖤🖤

She bids farewell to Seattle tonight, don’t miss it! #EllenPompeo

— Anthony Hill (@AntHilll)

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