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Ellie Goulding Returns to the Dancefloor With 'Higher Than Heaven'

While the birth of Goulding’s son was joyous, she has also gone through a more turbulent period with her mental health. It’s something she’s still grappling with as she figures out how to tour the album in a way that protects her health. “Obviously, I can’t call anxiety the enemy, and I’m not diagnosed with postpartum depression, but my son makes things worse at times, so it keeps changing,” she said. “I thought it would always be there, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get over it. That’s just a card I’ve been dealt. I’d love to wake up one day without it, but it seems no matter how many treatments I’ve had, how many lavender pills I’ve taken , it doesn’t help.” One of the most important coping strategies is fitness: Goulding is weight training and an avid boxer, while taking long daily walks in her local park to clear her head , and there she was almost unrecognizable.

In fact, another observation currently circulating online reflects a bit of surprise at how much traffic Goulding has generated over the years. In the UK, Goulding’s stats were particularly striking: she even clinched her fourth title earlier in the day (along with longtime collaborator Calvin Harris) with the addictive “Miracle”. When the song debuted at number one 40 last month, it gave her the most charting record by a British female solo artist ever, surpassing Dame Shirley Bassey ). And yet, somehow—aside from a few high-profile relationships that briefly put her in the crosshairs of the notoriously frenetic British tabloid media—she managed to do it all while keeping her private life, well, private. . “I don’t go out on my own initiative, like, please get to know me ,” she said. I’ve been making fairly successful songs for a long time, and a lot of people know my songs but don’t really know me, and I’m fine with that. I start doing exciting things, I start doing things I love. Who can complain?

One of the new creative forces that Goulding is able to wield in this album cycle — something she seems particularly passionate about — is incorporating visuals on a more granular level. After filming herself for the Brightest Blue video “Power,” she felt the courage to take the step forward in her own way. “It’s amazing being able to control your sexuality Well,” she says, noting that in the past she has occasionally felt trapped by the image labels created for her. “I hate using the term ‘girl next door,’ but I can’t think of any other way to describe it.” It,” she recalls. “I do remember wanting to pick out certain outfits but not being allowed. Everyone is pushing me hard in another direction, usually just blonde, cute, pretty, floral. I had to because I’m always grateful to be signed to a major label and to be in the position I’m in so I don’t question anything. “




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