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Elon Musk says Twitter will roll out a new color-coded verification scheme next week — here's what we know so far


Twitter owner Elon Musk on Friday announced a new color-coding scheme for verifying accounts — one that could cut the company’s A stressful manual process for the workforce — followed by a failed verification verification attempt that flooded the platform with a chaotic stream of imposter accounts.

Elon Musk Says Twitter Will Overhaul Its Authentication system.

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Key Facts

Twitter’s New The color-coded verification system will be tentatively launched on Friday, December 2, Musk tweeted.

Musk said Twitter will now manually verify accounts to avoid subscriptions to Twitter Blue at the company A large number of impostors appeared when paid users of paid users opened verification badges.

Musk said the ubiquitous blue check currently used for all verified accounts The markings will be replaced by a blue, gold and gray tick system.

Verified corporate accounts will get a gold tick, and “government” accounts will get a gray tick.

Will now be offered to “all” verified individuals, celebrity or not, Musk explained that the line that constitutes popularity is “otherwise too subjective.”

Can be added after Musk added that individual accounts indicated they belonged to an organization and promised a “longer explanation” on the system next week.

Things we don’t know

It’s unclear whether users A fee is required to be verified. Earlier this month, Musk failed in an attempt to revamp the verification system, opening up “verified” status to anyone willing to pay for Twitter Blue, Twitter’s premium service. The service offers a blue check mark to anyone who pays a $7.99 monthly fee and doesn’t confirm the identity of the account holder, unleashing a flood of “verified” accounts posing as others. Drugmaker Eli Lilly, former President Donald Trump, Pope Francis, NBA star LeBron James, gaming giant Nintendo and Musk’s own Tesla are among the many high-profile figures and companies (often convincingly) to imitate .

Crucial Quote

Musk described the implementation of manual verification as a “painful but necessary” step to address impersonation. Given the mass layoffs and employee exodus since Musk took over in October, the process could add considerable strain to Twitter’s already stressed workforce.


Responding to a question on Twitter about whether checkmarks actually help users distinguish between similar accounts, Musk acknowledged that the program has Might not go as planned and vow to act accordingly. Deliberate impersonation or deceit will lead to account suspension, he said, adding that users can use organizational affiliation, biography and follower counts to help distinguish accounts with the same name. Musk said Twitter could show follower counts below people’s names in tweets and allow filtering based on follower count, “if that’s really an issue.”

Forbes Valuation

$191.6 billion. According to Forbes’, here is Elon Musk’s estimated net worth Live tracker. This figure makes Musk the richest person on earth. He bought Twitter for $44 billion in October and is best known for leading and co-founding electric carmaker Tesla, rocket company SpaceX and tunneling company Boring Company.

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