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Elon Musk's new emails prompt Twitter manager to do his dirty work

Who, if any, does Elon Musk think is a big part of Twitter? Whose contribution is valuable enough and “hardcore” enough for him? Would you bet your job on this?

In a new email sent to Twitter employees today and obtained by The Verge, Musk dares managers to approve remote work at their own risk . “At the risk of stating the obvious, any manager, remote or not, who falsely claims that the person reporting to them does a good job or that a particular role is critical will be fired from the company,” he wrote. Agreed to stay on his “extremely stubborn” Twitter or leave by 5 p.m. ET Thursday.

Here’s what Musk wrote in his email today:

Regarding remote work, all you need to approve is you Your manager is responsible for making sure you make a great contribution. You are also expected to have face-to-face meetings with colleagues at a reasonable pace, ideally once a week but no less than once a month. Claiming that someone reporting to them is doing a great job, or that a particular role is essential, remote or not, will be removed from the company.

While the first message seemed to temper Musk’s previous stance – “If you can show up at the office But you didn’t show up at the office, accept your resignation” – but the reality is that Musk had previously suggested that he would take responsibility for denying remote work requests.

“Managers will send me the list of exceptions for review and approval,” he wrote on Nov. 10, the day after his first Q&A with employees.

But now, he’s telling those managers, anyone who stands up for remote workers is also putting their head on the chopping block.

I can almost hear the movie villain right now: “Who else wants to play the hero?”

Now, it’s in every Twitter manager’s best interest to turn down remote work requests , even if they thought it was due. That way, Musk wouldn’t have to personally say no.

Twitter was once the most important company offering remote work. In May 2020, the company announced that its employees could work from home “forever.” When it reopened its offices in March 2022, then-CEO Parag Agrawal reiterated that working from home “forever” was still an option.



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