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Emilio Pucci Resort 2023

There is a natural affinity between the brands of

Camille Miceli and Emilio Pucci, both of whom love to express style, glamour, joie de vivre and flair for travel. Bringing it all together for Miceli is the idea of ​​La Famiglia, a close-knit Italian lifestyle that was the precursor to today’s widespread concept of community.

On a date at a resort, she says “To me, Pucci conjures up a family spending time together, enjoying life, parties and happiness.” Cross-Season Collection Coverage A wide range of enjoyable activities – ski weekends, sun-drenched holidays in seaside destinations, celebrations, and a variety of day/night fun moments. Miceli wanted the travel-loving, generations-spanning Pucci famiglia to dress not just to impress, but to express the confidence and desire to live with which she herself brims.

The collection can be seen as a flexible, adaptable proposition that is both festive and mood-boosting, as well as suitable for efficient, fast-paced everyday life. Miceli designed a circular, egg-shaped silhouette inspired by the swirls of enlarged archival prints she reinterpreted. Padded nylon cropped puffer jackets, midriff-baring teardrop tweed tops, bronze flowy miniskirts and puff-sleeve shirts all conveyed the slightly psychedelic roundness of Pucci’s curly patterns.

Balancing the bold all-overprint effect, Miceli introduces optical white and jet black as alternatives to soothe the eye, playing with cool proportions and alternating silhouettes, whether bulky or fit. Slim white trousers paired with sharply tailored bomber jackets and straight-leg trousers, contrasted with skinny black boxer jackets and paired with oversized wide-leg trousers, were also a gender-fluid proposition.

Archival stripes and gold leather are new, accentuating the bold glamor Miceli is aiming for. Malgosia Bela, particularly attractive in a sparkly paneled crop top, is part of a lineup of age-diverse beauties whose undisputed queen is the rarely photographed, photophobic Doris Brynner (Yul’s ex-wife) . “I’m so proud and honored that she’s willing to do this for us,” said a delighted Miceli, who added such an anti-aging legend to the ever-growing Puccifamiglia Highly rated*).



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