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Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre Seem to be Dating, and We're Excited

Love is a colorful thing, especially when you gawk at it from the outside. In this column , we’ll look at the celebrity couples who gave us hope for our own romantic futures, and try to Learn what we can from their well-documented bonds.

When I first saw model and author Emily Ratajkowski and comedian Eric A blurry image of Eric André opened a restaurant together and couldn’t believe his own creation. Is one of my all-time favorite comedians actually dating one of the most beautiful women known to exist?

There are so many, so, there are very few male comedians I root for, but Andre is one of them since his Adult Swim days. I still can’t stop laughing when I think of his riff on Margaret Thatcher. Obviously, the favor of a hot girl who can write copywriting shouldn’t be a reward for being good at comedy, but what can I say? I want the best for men. I want the best of EmRata too, especially since I used to often — well, twice — when I lived in and I used to watch it a lot in town in LA See her, and you can vouch for her being very polite when you accidentally step on her foot in line at Little Joy’s bar. (I live a glamorous and glamorous life, okay?)

Crazy, André and Ratajkowski were spotted by while vacationing in Grand Cayman last week “Make out” Page Six , in its own style: “Our images show that they spend more time admiring each other than admiring the clear water.” They should! Seriously though, dating a comedian is a rite of passage, Ratajkowski has gotten out of that way in her Pete Davidson days, but with really funny comedy Casting dates is an achievement that deserves to be celebrated on a sun-soaked holiday. (Come to me, Pete stans! I’ll talk! I like Pete, but he’s funnier than he is!)

This might be my vice society (well, it Absolutely), but I’m trying to use my mind to send Andre a “don’t fuck with this woman” message. After all, EmRata is a relatively newly divorced single mom, and while I trust Andre more than many other comedians of her kind, I ultimately just want Emily to be happy, okay? Then again, Andre is the living embodiment of the “she made me fight because I’m stupid” meme, so maybe I need to learn to trust famous people(er); he doesn’t just look Like would he be a good boyfriend to Ratajkowski? Someone who will poke fun at the fashion world without damaging her, someone who will adept at the key gig of celebrity BF purses as she walks various red carpets?




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