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Emily Ratajkowski Cuts Her Hair on TikTok

As Celebrities Are Grabbing TikTok, They Must Adapt Content they create accordingly. Emily Ratajkowski is fitting nicely into the vibe of a video-centric platform that’s more about plain educational content than #OOTD posts.

on her latest TikTok video, -year-old model and my body The author offers a class on cutting hair while wearing a very petite red bikini. “We’re going to the beach, and I want to give myself an extra layer,” Ratajkowski said, before putting the scissors into action. After cutting off a strand of hair, she exclaimed: “This is crazy, am I crazy? I have cut my hair before, this

is not

My best work, but it’s a start.”

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While we don’t recommend making this yourself at home, saw a The star is still very refreshing Emily’s haircut takes a DIY approach. Maybe it’s a hangover from salon closures amid the pandemic? We hope to see more entertaining (if a bit high-stakes) beauty videos of the model on TikTok in the next few weeks.





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