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Emily Ratajkowski Is Bringing Back the Tongue-In-Cheek Graphic Tee

While modern social media platforms provide an instantaneous outlet for our every musing, the early ’00s found means of quick communication limited. Statements were mostly relegated to AIM away messages and strategic graphic tees, each designed to communicate mood—or a certain brand of confidence. So, when Emily Ratajkowski stepped out this morning in Manhattan in a black tank with the word “Loyal” emblazoned in cherry red script, an entire generation nodded knowingly. Behold: the return of the tongue-in-cheek tee!

In keeping with her recent skater-inspired styling (checked Vans and long jorts abound) EmRata paired the tee with a pair of slightly oversized, light pink Levi’s 501s. Prada’s Moon padded shoulder bag, oval sunnies, and a worn-in pair of the season’s white sneakers punctuated the moment. But it was the tank that made the loudest statement. As with the graphic tees of yesteryear, Ratajkowski’s “Loyal” could mean something or nothing at all, which is sort of the point. Sentiments like “99% Angel, 1% Devil,” “You Wish,” “Dump Him” “Brat,” and “Flirt,” were really just shouts into the same old void. But who cares? Cheeky messaging makes dressing fun, and fun is always welcome to return in trend. 



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