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Emma Corrin says they're open to playing male characters: 'There aren't many non-binary roles'

Emma Corrin said the backlash for announcing their gender identity was “pretty a reality check” and expressed willingness to play male in the absence of non-binary roles in Hollywood Role.

In interview Vanity Fair , Crown and Deadpool 3 stars open up about their experiences as non-binary public after updating their pronouns on social media – and non-binary Actors currently lack opportunities.

When it came to how they dealt with publicly identifying as non-binary, Corrin – who didn’t speak to their team before sharing it publicly – said they went through a lot they weren’t ready for hatred.

“I might have WhatsApp [messaged them] and just said, ‘I’m going to post this.’ I don’t think there was any big discussion about it,” they said. “Maybe naively, what surprises me is how much hate I get for it. It’s a pretty reality check.”

Still, Corrin said it’s a good idea for someone who might have helped In the end, the decision was worth it. “Especially the conversation around things like gender, it really helps a lot of people see that one is living in the world as a non-binary person. I know how much other people’s accounts have helped me, and it’s something I currently keep on social The momentum of the media,” they said. , the Golden Globe winner shared at the time that “visibility is the key to these things,” even if they’re not sure how they identify under the label of non-binary gender. “I think we’re used to defining ourselves,” they said in August 2021 Said interview . “That’s how society works in these binaries, it took me a long time to realize that I exist in between, and I’m still not sure where it is.”

in the interview, Corrin also spoke about the lack of non-binary characters in Hollywood and how that affects their decisions around the characters they play.

“There’s not a lot of non-binary parts out there. We need to support queer writers and develop projects and welcome those narratives into the creative space,” they said. “And, for me, non-binary is a very fluid space, it’s not a rejection of femininity or masculinity, it’s an embrace of both. My experience on this earth has always been female, and until recently, I Still love all those parts of me.”

Corrin found it “interesting that I wasn’t offered a male role,” and said the absence of a male role on their resume wasn’t due to a lack of interest. “I’d be drawn to it, too! I guess that’s how the industry sees you too, and I think, hopefully, that’s changing,” they explain. “The beauty of acting is playing a character that doesn’t have to be exactly your own experience. It’s a way of exploring. But I’d love to play non-binary, new characters, male characters. Anything, as long as it That’s right.”

Actor – played Lady Diana Spencer in an award-winning performance at () The Crown in Season 4 – also discussing being similar to Diana, and even her son and wife Prince Harry and Meghan Markle The feeling of living in relative obscurity and then being thrust into the spotlight.

“I had a weird parallel experience, out of nowhere, of someone outside my house knocking on my door or following me home,” they said after being cast Their experience says the hit Netflix royal series. “I’ve been watching the Harry & Megan documentary And I think they talk really well – especially about the nature of British tabloids. You [have to] make sure you have a public side to your life as well as a private side, because it does change a lot of things.”



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