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Emma Klein's upcoming novel 'Guest' is a dark and gilded con man's tale

it is1600 When the real literary frenzy broke out Ends in

The Girls

, Emma Cline’s short and beautiful novel about a lonely young girl A California “family” drawn by mysterious hippies hides some Manson-esque secrets. Now, a few years after Dad

, Klein’s

A collection of short stories, we have something new to look forward to: The Guest

, Klein’s second novel, will be released from Random House in May publishing, 1600.Image may contain Hand Arm Animal and Fish

Image may contain Hand Arm Animal and Fish

Courtesy of Random House

Guests follow Alex, a young woman who is summering on Long Island and an older man who pops up on Long Island to try to get her back to town. Described as “leaving a code of destruction behind her”, Alex happens to be one of the best literary heroines, and the mood of the book is said to be both chilling and reminiscent of the rarity it depicts world.


by Alec The question of who this person is and what she’s doing on the fringes of this dark, perverse world. I’d also like to see if I can maintain some of the tension and momentum of a short story while still maintaining the world of fiction,” Klein said. “If I had to trace some of the literary DNA of this book, I would think of writers like Patricia Highsmith, Alfred Hayes, Margaret Duras and John Cheever, And a little more Safdies Good times. ” Don’t rush, but it seems we have a clear contender State Holiday Book) .



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