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Emma Raducanu makes another early exit after erroneous display at Ostrava Open

Emma Raducanu vs Daria Kasatkina - GETTY IMAGES

Emma Raducanu vs Daria Kasatkina – GETTY IMAGES

Emma Raducanu’s difficult season was struck again after she was beaten by Daria Kasatkina at the Ostrava Open.

Raducanu showed no sign of restraint after withdrawing in the semi-final against Jelena Ostapenko in South Korea a week and a half ago with yet another muscle injury.

Britain’s No. 1 Russian opponent, No. 11 in the world, was one of the best defenders in the No. 1 match, but she was 7-5 6-4 Too many mistakes are paid in failure.

Radukanu recovered from a loose start to set up a 3-2 lead in the first game and looked to be the one to put more pressure until Kasatkina broke through Leading 5-4. This time Kasatkina – who has been the most outspoken Russian player against the invasion of Britain, Rennes – secured a set.

The second set was tight again, but Radukanu grabbed a few shots on a poor serve, lost serve 2-2, and was unable to counter in terms of level.

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05:21 PM

Can’t argue with this assessment

05:07 PM

Figures reflect Radukanu’s struggles

24 wins, but Raducanu had 28 unforced errors. No double faults, just two aces.

won only 35.7% of her second serve. Only 35.8% of return points are earned.

04:58 PM

Kasatkina Reaction

Emma Raducanu - GETTY IMAGES

This game is so hard. When you look at the list here, whoever you get is a very tough opponent. So you have to be very focused, from the first game, to be ready for the first game.

I am happy with my performance and ready for the next game.

04:49 PM Emma Raducanu - GETTY IMAGES

Kasatkina’s moment of victory

04:43 PM

Raducanu 5-7, 4-6 Kasatkina

Raducanu wins forehand Ball, 15-15. Kasatkina’s short second, and this time Raducanu got it right with her forehand, which she batted 15-30.

Raducanu returns forehand, 30-30. After Radcanu threw everything at her, Kasatkina delivered a brilliant forehand, match point. Kasatkina came into the net forehand and tied.

Raducanu backhand into the net, second match point. The game is set to match Kasakina. Kasatkina has a wider serve and Raducanu has a wider backhand.

Another early defeat for British One.

04:35 PM

Radukanu 5-7, 4-5 Kasatkinameans next server)

Radukanu gave herself one last chance to break Kasatkina after a love affair. Can she do it?

04:33 PM

Raducanu5-7, 3-5 Kasatkina means next server)

Raducanu Consecutive unforced errors, 30-0. Raducanu stepped in to attack Kasatkina’s other second, but her backhand returned long, 40-15.

Kasatkina pushed the game to victory after the forehand winner. She was so good today, so consistent.

04:30 PM

Raducanu 5-7, 3-4 Kasatkinameans next server)

Raducanu better Controlling the shot and the second ace in the game gave her the game.

Raducanu obviously has more power, but makes too many mistakes. If she can limit those mistakes, she can start over. But she’s running out of time…

04:27 PM

Raducanu5-7, 2-4 Kasatkina means next server)

The error came from Radukanu’s racket, which allowed Kasatkina to go further. She didn’t make Kasatkina work hard.

Forehand returned to the net, Kasatkina held on to 15 to solidify the break.

04:22 PM
Radukanu 5-7 , 2-3 Kasatkinameans next server)

Raducanu had a problem sliding to 0-30 on a backhand error. Raducanu has a long forehand and is now 0-40.

Raducanu saves first. But not the second, as she hit her forehand into the tram line.

Emma Raducanu - GETTY IMAGES

Emma Raducanu – Getty Images

04:19 PM

Raducanu5-7, 2-2 Kasatkina means next server)

Raducanu didn’t do enough backhands and she was sent off by Kasatkina, who lobbed with ease 30-15.

04:15 PM

Raducanu 5-7, 2-1 Kasatkinameans next server)

Raducanu has been struggling with her overhead today, but she Got right twice in this game, moving her to 40-30.

When Kasatkina stretched her forehand, she held it.

04:12 PM

Radukanu5-7 , 1-1 Kasatkina means next server)

Raducanu serves again after Kasatkina’s second serve, but this time she misses a long forehand, 30- 15.

Raducanu’s advantage is that she will win the backhand The person is placed in the bottom corner, 30-30. However, Kasatkina held on when Raducanu’s forehand defended for a long time.

04:08 PM

Second set: Raducanu 5-7, 1-0 Kasatkinameans next server)

Kasatkina played tennis effortlessly as she moved Raducanu side to side and ended with a forehand winner that Raducanu had no legs to move, 15-15.

Radukanu hits a backhand into the net, 30-30. Kasatkina’s forehand went wide and Radukanu was able to make a clearance.

17 unforced errors in the first set were costly for Raducanu.

04:01 PM

Radukanu5-7 Kasatkina means next server)

Radukanu backhand Hit the net, 0-15. Raducanu backhand volleyed into the net, 0-30. She should do it.

Kasatkina’s three set points are long after Radukanu’s return. Radukanu saved first. But after the 51st minute, Kasatkina claimed the match against Raducanu was in the net again.

The Brits are uphill now.

03:57 PM

Radukanu 5-6 Kasatkinameans next server)

Raduka Nu grabbed the ball with a forehand, the ball went into the net, 0-30. Kasatkina played too well as she took charge and closed the game with a 15-40 forehand winner.

Raducanu played well to save the first inning taut with a backhand volley winner. But her other forehand was headstrong, and that miss meant our third break in a row.

Kasatkina will serve again.

03:53 PM

Radukanu5-5 Kasatkina means next server)

Kasatkina’s forehand Long ball time, 15-30. Here’s an opening for the British. Raducanu pushed Kasatkina away with an angled backhand and the Russian answered 15-40. The second was tied when Raducan got a forehand return.

Another break point for Raducanu after another huge forehand winner. Another interesting rally, with Radukanu finishing at the top with a forehand winner. She can play up to 15 matches.

Five games per game, then keep playing…

Emma Raducanu – Getty Images

03:47 PM

Raducanu 4-5 Kasatkinameans next server)

Kasatkina moves here. She scored with a forehand and won 0-30. Raducanu then long forehand, 0-40.

Raducanu gave Kasatkina the break after a forehand. Raducanu should be very upset about how that game disappeared from her. Kasatkina will serve for the next game.

03:44 PM

Raducanu4-4 Kasatkina means next server)Emma Raducanu - GETTY IMAGES

Oops. Radukanu hit a lob with a forehand but hit the ball perfectly and the ball flew well, 15-0. Now Kasatkina has a long forehand, 30-30.

We tied for the first time in the match after Raducanu released another forehand for the winner.

Kasatkina had a great finish for the match as she knocked down the winner with a backhand. “Come on” from Russia.

03:38 PM

Raducanu 4-3 Kasatkinameans next server)Emma Raducanu - GETTY IMAGES

Raducanu Forehand winner, 15-15. Raducanu forehand into the net, 40-30. There has been no draw in the game so far.

And we didn’t in this match because Raducanu kept himself at this point, chasing Kasatkina forehand and whipping the forehand off the line winner.

03:33 PM

Raducanu3-3 Kasatkina means next server)

Kasatkina restart keeps track to 30 . A deep breath from the Russian, who is under the protection of Raducanu.

03:28 PM

Raducanu 3-2 Kasatkinameans next server)

Rally match: Raducanu keeps Be patient and beat Kasakina with a 15-0 backhand. Raducanu backhand crossed the winning goal, 30-0.

The defensive lobs from Raducanu and Kasatkina were well controlled again. Raducanu moved on and Kasatkina returned the ball with a forehand.

This is an excellent response from Raducanu.

03:25 PM

Raducanu2-2 Kasatkina means next server)Emma Raducanu - GETTY IMAGES

More attacks by Raducanu Sex tennis, she netted again with a beautiful volley, 0-15. Kasatkina double-faulted, 0-30, 15-40.

Kasatkina saved the first break point. But not the second, as Raducanu stepped in on a slow second serve and trained a backhand winner on the baseline for a counterattack.

03: 20 PM

Raducanu 1-2 Kasatkinameans next server)

Raducanu Responsible for the opening, pushing Kasatkina away, the Russian lobbed the ball, but Radukanu failed to gain a foothold and missed the net, 0-15.

Raducanu recovered well to lead 40-15 with the forehand winner. Kasatkina’s brilliant lob went over Raducanu’s head and Raducanu sprinted back, but the ball bounced past her.

Raducanu gets her first bout in the tournament.

03:17 PM

Raducanu0-2 Kasatkina means next server)

looks like a slow indoor hard Earth Field. Raducanu needs patience as she cannot pass Kasatkina.

Kasatkina’s ace, 30-0. Raducanu broke the net with a beautiful volley. Raducanu’s backhand chipping didn’t do enough, and Kasatkina threw a forehand over it 40-15. winner. Very confident start.

03:13 PM

First set: Emma Raducanu 0-1 Daria Kasatkinameans next server)

This is Ostrava is sparsely populated. Hope it builds up.

Raducanu, 15-30 years old, enters the tram line forehand. She then pulled her backhand away, two early break points.

Kasatkina turned defense into offense with a deep forehand, while Radukanu missed a forehand and lost serve.

Good call from Kasatkina for Raducanu to serve first.

03:09 PM

Kasatkina wins early

The Russian won the throw and chose to receive first.

Pressured the Brits for a strong start.

03:05 PM

Who is Daria Kasatkina?

The fifth seed Kasatkina is ranked 11th in the world.

Her best Grand Slam result this year was the French Open semifinal.

She won the Silicon Valley Classic and the De Granby Championship in August.

02:56 PM


Looking forward to Raducanu and Kasatkina playing soon. It could be a tricky test for the British One.

More importantly, she hopes to get through this game without more injury issues.

12:48 PM

Good afternoon

Hello and welcome to Emma Raducanu in Ostrava The first game of the tournament.

The world number 67 will compete in the WTA 500 in the Czech Republic this week, her first match since retiring from injury in Seoul.

Raducanu achieves best finish since 2021 U.S. Open title At the Korea Open, she reached the semifinals before being forced to suspend the third set against Jelena Ostapenko, citing a left hip injury.

The England No. 1’s fitness is still an issue, but on a fairly fast indoor court, she has a chance to bother her opponents.

The 19-year-old has been off for a week and appears to have recovered from the period that ended her Korea Open to the Latvian as she is still in Ostrava in a draw.

However, if she is to reach the semifinals for the second time in a row in the Czech Republic, she will face a huge challenge. Aside from facing Daria Kasatkina in the opening match and a potential opponent in the second round against two-time Australian Victoria Azarenka.

World No. 3 Anett Kontaveit sat in Raducanu’s half-court with confidence after reaching the final at home in Tallinn, while World No. 1 Iga S. Vatek will be a potential opponent in the semifinals as she leads the top half.

Although Radukanu retired for the fourth time this year, her first-round opponent, Kasakina, has seen a resurgence in the 2022 season. The Russian is currently No. 11 in the world and is No. 7 in the WTA finals.

The 25-year-old has not played since his first shock – losing to Britain’s Harriet Dart in the last round at the US Open, And Raducanu has played in two games since the loss in New York.

Players will be on the field after 3pm We will provide you with game-by-game updates and all post-game reactions throughout the process.



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