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Emma Roberts Talks Dressing Up and Taking Mom to Paris Fashion Week

Emma Roberts is a front row fixture during fashion month, although the actress has a penchant for the Paris shows. “I feel like time is suspended when you’re here,” Roberts told Vogue. “It’s a whole different world: shopping, food, and fashion are all so high and special. You can go to the worst restaurant in Paris, and it’s more alive than any good place in Los Angeles.” This week, Roberts landed in the City of Lights, Attending Gabriella Hearst’s new fall 2023 collection for Chloé, the star has Vogue following her Had an exciting day. This time it was a very special trip because Roberts brought her mom, Kelly Cunningham, along for the ride. “She hasn’t been out of the country since pre-COVID,” Roberts said. “I’m really excited to show her around, to take her shopping. I’m also going to take her to Caviar Kaspia – what a treat.”

on acceptance Ahead of a new look by designer Gabriela Hearst, Roberts started her fashion-filled day in Paris with room service — croissants are mandatory. With the help of her stylists Brit and Kara Smith, hairstylist Jacob Rozenberg and makeup artist Benjamin Puckey, she slipped into her final look of the day: a mustard yellow Chloé leather dress. “I love mustard as a color, and I find it hard to get it right,” says Roberts. “I remember seeing Michelle Williams in her mustard yellow dress at the Oscars and thinking, ‘This color is so unique.'” The dress was also surprisingly comfortable. “Often leather is very skinny, but this was a very wearable leather moment,” said Roberts, who toughened up the look with lace-up boots and a cream Penelope bag. Roberts said: “No matter what the occasion, I always want to wear the boots.”

Roberts admired Hearst’s chic, understated assortment from the front row. “I love watching shows where everything is obviously desirable but also wearable,” says Roberts. “That’s what I love about Chloé: I can wear the looks on the red carpet or in everyday life.” Her Favorite Looks It is the shape that emphasizes the silhouette. “When I saw Kirsty Hume come out in a white dress, I literally died; I loved her and I wanted that dress,” Roberts said. “And the brown leather off-the-shoulder look, which I love. The neckline on everything is amazing. It’s either off-the-shoulder or a turtleneck, and they’re both my favorite necklines.” Accessories are also a highlight for the star — especially Chloé’s signature handbags. “There’s a brown oversized bag that I’ve got my name printed on,” Roberts said with a laugh. “I remember being young and thinking Chloé bags were everything

. I loved their clothes, but I also loved their bags and sunglasses.” 2023

As for what will Roberts do after the whirlwind Paris Fashion Week? She currently has two new movies in theaters: About Fate and Maybe I Do, starring Diane Keaton Keaton, as her mother. “It’s a wish list dream come true,” Roberts said. “She’s my style icon and acting icon.” She’s also in a new movie next year called Space Cadet. “If Elle Woods infiltrated NASA, it would be very Legally Blonde

,” Roberts teased. As someone who starred in the hit Scream series, Roberts shared that she will also be checking out the latest installment, Scream 6, the In theaters this weekend. “Oh my God, I’ll be there on opening weekend,” Roberts said. “I can’t wait. I love Scream – the new trailer freaks me out.”

Below, carefully Check out Roberts’ trip to Paris Fashion Week.




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