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Emmy nominations bittersweet for writers during strike: 'We're trying to get the best out of a bad situation'

Needless to say, the Emmy nominations come at an odd time for Hollywood. Their arrival was announced in July 11, just a day before SAG-AFTRA announced that the union would be on strike. Given the timing, the actors can still do publicity work for their projects, and they can discuss their nods over the phone.

For the writing nominees, the celebrations were more low-key now that the WGA strike has entered its second month. Some people who had multiple roles on the project were able to comment on their success. In all cases, it was a complicated and emotional moment – the glory of recognition combined with a somber acknowledgment of the struggle going on around it.

“It’s weird,” Bill Hader told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s like celebrating your birthday, but your parents are divorced. We’re trying to make the best out of a bad situation.” Hader in “ Barry was triple-nominated for acting, writing and directing for its final season, making him a player in multiple guilds that were either on strike or imminent when interviewed.

This conflict can be seen in statements from The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin, among others. He also received a personal nomination for the drama screenwriter of the drama “Long Long Long”. He said that while he was “honoured” to be recognized by the academy, his “priority now is to see a day when all entertainment industry artists and craftsmen are treated fairly by the companies that turn our work into profit. In that spirit, he added: “Within union rules, it is my intention to focus all publicity efforts on supporting the nominees for The Last of Us On board.”

Former WGA East Chair Beau Willimon for writing “One Way Out” on Disney+’s Andor While nominated for an Emmy, he also spoke about how the celebration was accompanied by a metaphorical asterisk. “I also want to admit that while it’s good to celebrate the worth of writers, 11, 000 Those of us are currently on strike to protect the value of every writer on every show, and winning this fight is the most important prize,” his statement read road.

Celebrating the value of screenwriters, as Willimon notes, could also serve as a reminder to studios of their importance in the TV ecosystem. For Jury Duty showrunner Cody Heller, whose show was nominated for Best Comedy Series and for Mekki Leeper (also appearing in comedy as an actor) was nominated for a personal screenplay. In a statement to THR, she explained that the outcome of the nomination was “bittersweet.” She added: “My hope is that in this moment, the companies that profit from our work will be reminded of the immense power we have as storytellers and be forced to come to a fair deal so that we can all reopen Doing what we love.”

It is unclear if the Emmys 1235521199 will go ahead as planned Given the huge Hollywood workforce these days, although no official announcement of a change of course has been made yet. They are scheduled to air on Fox in September 11.




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