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Emmys change variety categories as part of 2023 rule changes

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has announced significant rule changes for the Emmys awards , including the possibility of A breed category where a pair of perennial winners compete against each other: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver and Saturday Night Live.

Most The notable change is that the Variety Show and Sketch Variety Awards have been replaced by two new categories: Outstanding Talking Series and Outstanding Scripted Variety Series (see official descriptions of the new categories below).

The new category will change eligibility for some shows, including Last Week Tonight, which appears to be incompatible with SNL together qualify in the Scripted Variety Series category. In previous years, Oliver’s show competed with other late night talk shows such as The Daily Show , The Late Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live .

Meanwhile, the past few years have seen very few nominees in the sketch category, last year only SNL and Black Ladies Sketch Show nominations. Likewise, questions like Jon Stewart’s question and David Letterman’s my next guest need no introduction Such programs will likely qualify for the speech category.

Other changes made by the Academy include limiting the number of choices voters can make in the first round (will now be limited to the number of nominations per category; previously unlimited ); combined the tracked categories (single and multi-camera editing and cinematography) into one category (although if the number of nominees in each track was or more); and the previously announced new game show category.

New species category description:

Outstanding Talk Series : Much of the show’s runtime consists of impromptu interviews or panel discussions between the host/host and guest celebrities or personalities. Talk series can include scripted elements and other aspects of various series, such as monologues, musical performances, etc., as long as the main purpose of the program is interviews/discussions.

Outstanding Scripted Variety Series: Mostly scripted or A program featuring loosely scripted improvisation, composed of discrete scenes, musical numbers, monologues, stand-up comedy, skits, etc. A scripted variety series may have occasional unscripted elements, but the primary purpose of the series is scripted or acted entertainment.



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