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Encouragement to Climb: Next Summit Anime Gets Console Game

“Autumn Festival” 2022” campaign announced on Sunday that the anime is working on a console game. (The announcement describes the game as a “consumer game” — Japan’s take on home consoles or portable games Classification of system games, not PC or mobile.) The game’s theme song is “Hanauta•Step”.

Based on white New TV anime adaptation() manga .The animation will premiere on October 4th, HIDIVE will broadcast the animation in Japan.

    HIDIVE describes the story:

    Aoi Yukimura’s fear of heights won’t stop her in the next adaptation! Join other mountaineering enthusiasts, including the energetic Hinata Kuragami and other climbers they meet on their way to the peak, Aoi and friends in the mountains of Japan Tackle tough challenges and conquer new peaks while exploring Love’s Best Collection to learn about the characters and beloved moments in this world of the series. Subsequent episodes contain brand new stories that continue Aoi’s story and her ambition to overcome her fears and achieve her dreams.

    The animation will have episodes, run each episode 12 minutes. This will mark the first time a


    has a full episode , because the previous seasons only had five or -minute episodes. The first four episodes of the new anime will be a compilation of episodes from the previous animated series, with new short stories added. However, there will be a whole new story starting with episode five. The returning cast includes:

  • )
  • Iguchi Yuka
  • as Aoi Yukimura Asuka as Sora Hyuga )
    Hikasa Yoko as Kaede Saito
    Yui Ogura
    as Kokona Aoba

  • Toyama Nao
  • as Honoka Kurosaki 2019

Iwai Emily plays the new role, Xiaochun, the president of the Red-haired Mountaineering Club, who is studying at school Aoi and others. Yosuke Yamamoto will return at 8-Bit and Director animation Yusuke Matsuo returns as a character designer. Iguchi Yuka and Asami Kana is singing the ending theme song “Bell o Narasō” (Open the Door and the Bell.)

Shiro in Introducing Manga in 2011. Manga’s Volume 4 Compilation to ship in Japan in April . JManga published some comics in English before the site closed.

The manga inspired several previous TV animations. Season 1 debuted in 2011, followed by

in the second season . The third season of the TV anime premiered in July

. Crunchyroll broadcast in Japan All three seasons of the show were broadcast live. Manga also inspired (Memories Present) or original video animation (OVA) in 2017.

The manga also inspired a stage play, which was staged at the Hanno City Hall in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture in May 2014.

Source: Autumn “Fez” 2018″ event



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