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Endo and Kobayashi Live!The latest from Lieselotte ‒ Episode 10

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Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte?

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eak101©Suzu Enoshina, Eihi, KADOKAWA/’ Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest news from the production committee of “The Tsundere Witch Lizlotte” 169 I often criticize Endo and Kobayashi Live reaches its prophesied climax with considerable ease. That’s not a huge problem, since the show is generally good at slice-of-life and building relationships (a big part of the dating sim visual novel experience, such as those), but reaching the confrontation with the witches of yore is definitely starting to feel like Achilles The deal between Sidney and the turtle. So when the show finally gets to the proverbial fireworks factory in this episode, the playing field is fair. The funniest thing is that the escalation of the climax happens almost the moment I complain to myself about the constant delay of the animation to get there. It turns out to be a great way to keep viewers on their toes, getting them used to the pacing that preceded it, and even characters on both sides of the video game story self-consciously comment that the finale is coming soon, eventually, any day now. It also makes sense, Endo and Kobayashi’s rearrangement of the story and the ship is in it I may have an adverse effect on when the events of the old witches really started. There’s also Magic Against the Elements’ Air Direct Arrival. The duo’s immediate kinship to their favorite has yet to be explained, but we’ll have to wait and see how the full story plays out. The sudden escalation also hit hard because Endo and Kobayashi Live dangling in front of us Desserts for the first half of this episode. Yes, the prom has arrived, and we can finally see Li Jie and Zig in uniform. So good, that’s not even the only part of the show that manages to show off. The dance-related interaction between Fiene and Bal could have been its own whole extra subplot in the original version of this story. It’s included in such a way that it feels like an Easter egg, alluding to earlier adaptations of the magical Love me ground doesn’t actually exist. It’s like a fun nod to the meta concept of fandom. Likewise, I use this episode to rightly judge that Fabian and Cecilie together represent its own fanon rearrangement: pairing a symbolically too-young romantic interest in a dating sim without someone who might be more appropriate for his age. Turns out Kobayashi is definitely one of those fans who would modify Ken’s route Persona 3 Portable. eak101 eak101 It’s all about increasing the attachment between the characters and the audience, so When that witch attacked whether Than expected, bets were placed correctly. Like we all stress about seeing our favorite characters in games or facing danger, but now as far as Endo and Kobayashi are concerned, these dating sim dummies are “real” people, and they’re on a mission to protect. It’s a character attachment taken to a new level without a tangible magical excuse to manifest it, and it’s completely unhealthy. And the writing certainly retains the layers of other issues that affected it, as the episode barely brings up Endo and Kobayashi’s theme that finishing the game might mean they no longer have an excuse to hang out together. Like I said, dumbass, everyone. All that said, it’s exciting that the final upgrade of the Witch of yesteryear is finally revealed Catharsis in both a technical and technical sense. I can be generous with the overall situation here as I’ve been wondering how Endo and Kobayashi Live would handle such a large battle scene. It does a good job of showing off nice ballroom outfits and such earlier, but we all know it’s never been a sideshow. So the production has wisely limited its combative ambitions to a few key shots; it very much understands the value of suggesting ideas some cool action bits. They’ll definitely include Endo and Kobayashi himself, who will get in on the action by shouting expert tactics at fighters, even if I’m not entirely sure what exactly the combat mechanics are in this game. Fighting with a polearm like Liese might have been more impressive. But there’s no real distracting downside. eak101 eak101 When we got to this point, some details felt a bit muddled. Leon’s scene with Fiene’s mom contextualizes him a bit, but I don’t know if he’s flattering us by glaring at other characters’ machinations. Which means it’s not satisfying to see him jump into a fight at the last moment and help, almost like it’s another instance of theoretical meta-fanservice Serving the Kobayashi family in the audience. Even with some early setup like the overriding symbolism of Liese’s Lirene Flower and knowing the appropriate level of drama like Love Me miraculously But that’s likely to get a more interesting resolution next week. and Endo and Kobayashi Live It hasn’t really broken me yet, even if I think my enjoyment of it has been largely understated. Now I certainly can’t complain that things finally did get off the ground. Rating: eak101 is currently playing on HIDIVE. eak101



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