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Endo and Kobayashi Live!The latest from Lieselotte ‒ Episode 4

What do you think of Episode 4 of

Endo and Kobayashi Live ! The latest Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte?

Community Rating: 4.1

eak041©Suzu Enoshina, Eihi, KADOKAWA/” Endo and Kobayashi live! The latest news from the “Tsundere Lieselotte” production committee 041 A story based on the needs of a gimmick is not defined by that gimmick. The same season I am reviewing I’ve praised it before for not basing all its humor on that titular concept. Here’s more Endo and Kobayashi, I hardly expect the whole show to be based on its own title character In this story, there are different stories unfolding on different layers of reality, and I think they all have compelling core reasons, and naturally interact with each other, and they can make each other more interesting.

But such an understanding does not mean that Endo and Kobayashi should be as arrogant as its main gag in the past few episodes, culminating in episode 4. Fiene’s summer trip to Liese’s mansion means girls We, and our two casters, technically, from Fiene’s point of view, Sieg and his natural hearing have been separated throughout the game season. Technically, this just means that Endo and Kobayashi was less directly involved with the Love Me Magically

event more than they’re used to (although, oddly enough, their direct control over Fiene never comes to light). But in reality, the anime used this as an excuse/opportunity to pull Endo and Kobayashi from the entire nearly two-thirds of the episode, allowing the basic visual novel plot to play without any commentary or otherworldly distractions The case unfolds! Now usually getting people to talk about a story would be more distractions, but Endo and Kobayashi so effectively in the first few episodes Sold its central place so much that the absence of our fellows was very noticeable during this time. This couple really pleases us. Kaito Ishikawa and Kana Hanazawa The voice work especially is an interesting contrast to the more formal emotions of the otome game characters. Yep, they probably need to start digging for more material instead of “oops, Lieselotte sure is tsundere today, as usual!”. But it’s still something that’s overlaid on top of the rest of the show to create a unique flavor, and the fun they have in deciphering their interpretations of Liese’s actions and attitudes. eak041 eak041 So when you pull it back just focus on Liese interacting with Fiene instead When there are no comments, by comparison, something is missing. Part of it is that it highlights the shortcomings of Endo and Kobayashi eak041 Motivation transfer method only when performed in universe. For example, Fiene and Liese on their Fire Emblem Three Houses A talk tea session involves Liese clarifying to Fiene what Bal’s behavior towards the heroine in last week’s episode really meant. There’s actually an interesting read in there, Liese’s whole thing because she is not sensitive or honest about her feelings, which means she can recognize the same in Bal and call it out. But asking her to explain it to Fiene by rote to improve her understanding (and potential relationship) with Bal is clumsy. Getting characters to explain how other characters feel is only the first step in getting characters to express their feelings crudely. If that can’t be avoided, then when the show utilizes the two best friends to play this game, it’s even better if they do it specifically. eak041 eak041 It’s not like I’m against the hint of character interaction and kingdom intrigue Most of this episode. However, with most of the commentary track omitted, it’s like Endo and Kobayashi

Forgot to add my own secret recipe. Even more frustrating, the show seems to know it has a chance. An all-too-brief cut corner highlights Endo and Kobayashi’s frustration at not being able to communicate in Chigurh’s absence. It’s easy to imagine another version of these scenes in which the two recognize a moment of misunderstanding between Liese and Fiene, and we see their reaction in anger at their inability to intervene. As far as the show goes, it should have been an easy choice to use its gimmicks in a slightly different way than the previous episodes, and it would have made the basic parts of this episode more interesting overall. I don’t want to work so hard Endo and Kobayashi are at this stage. The fact that a show like this can still come across as serious and funny is commendable for not using the otome game background as an excuse to pee. It’s not an easy target for MST3K’s player characters–it’s a medium the creators clearly respect and want to tell their stories in. But for some reason, the presentation of that story was relatively barebones, and now that reason is MIA for most of the episode. One-trick ponies are fine, as long as the tricks are clever enough. But you have to remember to get the pony to actually perform the trick on a regular basis. Rating: eak041 is currently playing on HIDIVE. eak041



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