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Endo and Kobayashi Live!The latest from Lieselotte ‒ Episode 5

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Endo and Kobayashi Live ! The latest Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte?

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eak051© Suzu Enoshina, Eihi, KADOKAWA/’ Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest news from the production committee of “The Tsundere Witch Lizlotte” 051 Thank goodness we got some Endo and Kobayashi in this week’s Endo and Kobayashi ! Not only is it refreshing to have two of our favorite game grumpy back at the chatter, because loves me magically provides by far the most ridiculous cosmic plot twist, though it does help. But this episode also harkens back to Endo and Kobayashi’s real-life interactions, and aside from the Let’s Play schtick, I’m actually probably more involved in a fantasy world than a video game. As a bonus, the second half of the episode also eventually ties into the wider game’s meta-magic storyline. So the show feels like itself again, or at least like what I was expecting after the first four episodes built up. Love me magically at side, after last week’s episode, it’s time to reveal the roller coaster, which is more about exploring and expanding Fiene and Liese’s quest with some downtime relation. It immediately corrects course from previous outings, having Endo and Kobayashi respond to things like the appearance of Fiene’s long-lost mom at the same time as the game’s characters. It doesn’t have to be a lot, especially when we’re given more verbose instructions we probably don’t want to An extra comment track confuses the meeting process. But it’s nice to be reminded that there are extra-dimensional viewers in attendance at all of this, or that Kobayashi comes in and jokes that she has indeed realized the twist that Fiene and Liese are actually cousins. eak051 eak051 It expresses an awareness of storytelling, in Fiene’s mom Elizabeth thinking about Big picture of the plot where the daughter is hidden. It also allows to love me magically Going a bit outrageous when it wanted to, as a way to separate myself from the real-life reality of Endo and Kobayashi’s plane. So we get something like Elizabeth robbing her family before escaping, or young Finn beating a couple of would-be captors bloody with her bare hands. Go ahead girls. All of this, along with things like the family relationship Liese and Fiene just revealed, means their constant teasing of the Yuri line will lead to a multi-layered Sailor Uranus/Neptune situation. Between that and all the off-screen bloody violence, this game can really be medieval when it wants to. But then,

Love Me Magically It wouldn’t be an otome game if things didn’t get at least a little weird screwed up all the way. Of course, those of us who keep hoping for a way to save FF7

‘s Aerith can support Endo and Kobayashi’s glee as Liese seems to be on her way to a one-sided happy ending. But what if the overall impact of making this happen is more complex in its origins and execution than anyone could have predicted? There’s also the deal with that iconic guy we saw on the fringes, which is one of the series’ driving curiosities, even if my focus has waned over the past few episodes. We didn’t get an answer this week, but the show at least asked the same question, officially introducing Kirise Kuon to our couch co-couple and making him stand out Stranger than his previous baffling cameo would suggest . eak051 eak051 Seeing the way Kuon’s introduction made the game/real story intertwine Cool and let residents Love Me Magically Expert Kobayashi flex the depth of her nerdy knowledge. Hear things in the universe Magikoi -fandom iceberg is fun, and it makes sense that Kobayashi would want Endo to get used to it all before dragging him into the abyss. It’s the weirder, wilder stuff I love about the show’s concept, prompting people to think about the kind of plots that might start if you stumbled across Undertale WD Gaster in real life. Endo and Kobayashi have It’s this built-in framework that immediately sets it apart from other otome game fantasy shows, so it’s best to get the most out of it for what it’s worth. Which is also good, because they stumbled across that potential Game God’s outing It just so happens that Endo and Kobayashi are going on a date, and if I didn’t make it clear, I love these kids. I swear Kobayashi was under the impression that they were officially dating and Endo just didn’t realize it yet, but it’s still fun to see him gushing over to his girls like the duo did to Lieselotte when they played together That. Along with the heart-pumping high school romances blooming, there’s an undercurrent of a friendly courtship here, and it blends perfectly with the romance game setting that drives it. eak051 eak051 So, it seems to be Endo and Kobayashi Live still can’t perfect their balancing act. Poor Chigurh is supposed to be the meta-point character that connects our powerful pair of players to the game world. But for the past few episodes, he’s had little to do but remind us how those kids effectively turned him into a wifey guy. But Liese’s reaction to Fiene’s predicament shows how cute she looks to be a brash schemer for a noble purpose in this situation. Between her role and the duo’s interpretation, the number of layers she now plays means she remains an effective sales center for the show. The series just needs to focus on things like this, or Endo and Kobayashi’s connection, which is when it’s at its best. Rating:

eak051eak051 is currently playing on HIDIVE.


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