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Endo and Kobayashi Live!The latest from Lieselotte ‒ Episode 9

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Endo and Kobayashi Live ! The latest Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte?

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eak091©Suzu Enoshina, Eihi, KADOKAWA/’ Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest news from the production committee of “The Tsundere Witch Lizlotte” 90 The plot is based on two characters mixing up two other characters, Endo and Kobayashi Live obviously understands the thrust of a good ship. It also recognizes that, along the way, teasing and frustrating your audience a little bit in a provocative way is part of the experience. This show is able to keep me invested in that dynamic, so when Endo lamented at the beginning of the episode how he hoped He is Kobayashi’s other half, which infuriates me to yell at the screen “My brother in Christ, you two already Dating for six months!”. That’s fair and completely normal; after all, the entire show is about characters shouting uncontrolled romantic reactions at their TVs. With the big climax of both parts of the episode still marked “Coming Soon! Next Week! Maybe!”, Endo and Kobayashi Live continues to fill its The episodes feature the progress of our lovely couple. The specific escalation in this entry seems to be about side plots that don’t necessarily relate directly to the game and the real world, and other specific elements are About the interpenetration of two dimensions. For example, Endo and Kobayashi find themselves needing to create entertainment for a school festival, and Kobayashi is the new president of the broadcasting club. This little storyline briefly introduces our lovely Let’s-Players just recreating one Love Me Magically

possibility the dialogue scene between Liese and Sieg, which was then rerouted in an unrelated murder mystery direction. eak091 eak091 Part of the joke is that all of Endo and Kobayashi’s classmates and club members already know How these fools are married and don’t want to put up with their public displays of love because they obviously don’t have taste . But while it’s obvious to anyone who’s heard how bad Kobayashi’s sultry speaking voice is to Endo, it’s clear that Vector may have gone through the process of getting these two to act on each other’s apparent affection. They’ve forgotten everything in an endearingly depressing way rather than an annoyingly depressing one, and now only direct interaction with the other real-world participants has the potential to save them. eak091 eak091 The former president of the broadcasting agency and other members tried their best, but this is the Looks like Kobayashi’s younger sister, really trying to move things forward. Her encouragement to Endo is deliberate, like a mirror to Liese’s insistence that Bal stop messing around with Fiene. It comments on the comparison, if not the direct connection in this case, between the two worlds. Though Kirise Kuon, presumably Game God’s enigmatic figure, is still lurking in the background, seemingly just killing time until we get to the end of the show when his plot should begin. The same “it could happen any day now” feeling applies to magically love my town, but the show is hilarious The breadth of motion is likewise supported. Showcasing the cascading effects of Endo and Kobayashi’s intervention is still sharp, and Liese really feels like she’s leading her own rescue mission now. Think of it as a parallel to Kobayashi’s promotion to club president. Aside from arguing about the show script, Liese is pushing for prom wearing utilitarian school-style gym clothes suitable for combat, both Sieg and Fiene object, and they may have some…not-so-pure ulterior motives who want to see her in a big Another beautiful ballroom dress eak091 eak091 Open communication and compromise reached by Sieg and Liese last week It’s an adorable part where our favorite tsundere princess decides to don a military guard uniform because the show’s brain is the size of a planet. So far, they’ve just made fun of our looks in the audience, but it’s been such an effective way to drive engagement that I’m more looking forward to seeing the costume debut than any climactic witch war.

it is Endo and Kobayashi Live

continues to market its sweetest priorities, confirming this ostensibly lighthearted The Little Show is a delightful pick-me-up and I’m honestly a little surprised to find myself having such a good time every Friday. A lot of the filler stuff is purely cosmetic, like the narration discussing Liese’s sister Cecilie getting engaged to a lovely puppy love with Fabian, a character that was superficially important in the “original” version of

Love me magically , but who didn’t do it in Endo and Kobayashi’s run many things. It’s funny, except for things like Liese’s arrogant outbursts being fully restored, because it’s clear how much of a wife man she’s become as a wife man of her own. There is almost no animation, my only real problem is experiencing Endo and Kobayashi Live
In an episode like this in anime form rather than the book form, it makes it harder for me to hold it to my chest and scream, which is obviously the main purpose of the story. Rating:



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