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Engagement Kiss – Episode 11

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Community Rating: 4.3

is a roller coaster – not because the anime is a nonstop thrill ride (I hope), but because I don’t know when I will Getting bored with the twenty-minute exhibit and when I was about to see Shu’s Satan-possessed sister rifle through his sexual memories. Thankfully, this week leans toward the latter example. Since I’m begging on the record for this series to be the weirdest and trashiest version of it in itself, I have to commend this episode for returning to some crazy melodrama. When it disarms autopilot and grants permission to its main role Would be very fun to pierce each other’s hearts.

Kisara starts this Awakened Shenwu was pierced through her chest during the episode, but she ended the episode in her own way, tearing her heart out. I like part of it very much. For example, the overall arc is satisfying, especially considering her tragic romance in this part. While development is a cliché, I’m going to explain again my good friend Mari Okada and tell you that clichés are actually good. What’s more, we all have unique weaknesses to certain clichés, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m weak to a demon who chooses to defy their nature and do something selfless. Kisara has been wrestling with her humanity and monsters all season, so it doesn’t come out of nowhere either. With some different writing emphasis, Kisara could have been a very compelling heroine. ‘ the problem is that its writing is too scattered to sell Kisara’s change of mind last blow. It often misses the emotional forest because the unimportant world builds the tree. Even though this episode is an improvement over the previous episodes, it still has wasted scenes that ruin the momentum – basically everything government or other PMC related stuff is dead at this point. I also don’t respect the decision to back up most of Shu’s backstory with Kisara. Getting the full picture now, I just think the lack of that context hurts the narrative’s precious early moments. In other words, both Shu and Kisara hated taking their time before the show started taking them seriously, and the damage was done. It is also a pity, Because there’s a lot I like about these flashbacks. First, the very, very tiny incest reveal is perfectly branded as ‘ Back to avant-garde. There is no reason to say that Shu must be a distant relative of Mu Geng, it just adds a little taboo, which is the goal of the show. I also like this indulgent pre-memory-erased version of Shu, rather than the Sasakguber we’ve been sticking to. It might not be as flashy as poisoning his dipstick, but it’s fun to try and get away from diabolical contracts with fine print. And it’s great to see Wood in action! She changes Shu’s plans, wins the upper hand, and develops a kiss-filled working relationship. This tug-of-war is far richer than the two-dimensional portraits we saw at the premiere, and it has more room for growth and anxiety than the few clips we’ve been allowed. The narrative finally asks us Sympathy for Shu. We see his fear when he realizes what Kisara has done and what she has done. But actually, now I think Kisara deserves better. She should play a more active role in the narrative, she should not be so exaggerated from the start, she should have a more reciprocal relationship with Shu. Really, she should be better than Shu, but I think if Shu hadn’t written so badly, their relationship might have supported the anime. Given that Shu now has all of his memories (including penile neurotoxins), and I don’t believe for a moment that Kisara’s memories are gone forever, we have a chance to see some of their potential come to fruition. However, I didn’t hold out much hope.

as we have A glimpse of Sharon Holygrail’s nun’s underwear,

‘ truly inspired Moments are too short. The show could be

better – it could be dumber and more dramatic It’s more fun, but it’s frustrating to see that it always chooses to be stupid in a bad way. Maybe that’s why I sometimes feel like I’m being too harsh on it. It’s still a flawless action show, with an above-average visual identity. But I think it should be aimed at more than just a branded T-shirt crumpled at the bottom of a hot topic bargain bin.


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