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Engagement Kiss – Episode 13

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Community Rating: 3.9

After the dust settles ‘ In the final skirmish, Shu, in a rare self-reflection, reflected on his voice and anger that he had achieved nothing. If I tried, I couldn’t come up with better vertices for this series. succumbs to his own nonsense in the final act, with All victory ends with the wet noodle slapping the kitchen wall. There is no journey to celebrate, there are few character arcs to speak of, and the ones that do exist are one-sidedly disturbing. It goes through the action of the finale, but there’s no heart behind it — just an empty shell and some haggard reminders of when the show can be fun. You can put this Most of the series’ problems are reduced to the fact that Shu is a protagonist with nothing. There’s a lot left in the narrative by not capitalizing on his dastardly vile deeds more frequently. At least that side of him has led to some lasting memories (yes, I mean dick poison again), but he’s mostly just sullen. His single-minded pursuit of revenge has no consequences. He didn’t learn anything and he didn’t grow as a person. He regained his memory entirely through sacrificial sacrifice, without his own efforts, which marked the end of his “development”. Honestly, I can’t imagine a less interesting solution. It basically removes the show’s entire feel of tragic melodrama for no reason — one of the only things it does.

Actually I guess There is a reason: so Ruyue can give up her nature and become a dignified devil wife for Shuhua. I’m not big on her joking yandere, but heck, at least that’s something . As the series progresses, I think her toxic codependency with Shu has evolved into one of the few valuable components of the show with reasonable emotional weight. So it’s quite baffling, frankly, that the story completely ruined their relationship for no reason. Seeing Ru Sara who had just lost her memory in front of Shu blushed and stammered, it was not romantic at all. It feels like bad fanfiction, and exudes the lazy entitlement that leads to such bad fanfiction. And it’s so boring! Fiery old Kisara died and no one mourned her because the story was too busy putting its two threads back together and now their combined personalities are like a stale potato. It’s a complete downgrade and a complete disgrace.

Don’t expect any secondary characters to be lifted also got out of this quagmire because nothing else happened to anyone else worth it things to pay attention to. Everything is back to the status quo. The suggested changes have no real consequences, and Byron City presumably just continues to attract demons as usual. It’s nice to see other PMCs finally accepting Kisara’s help, but this happens in a fight we can’t see. Like strangely dedicated to making sure there are no satisfying character arcs. Is this because they want to be ready for the ultimate mobile game? This is the only answer that makes sense to me, but it’s a poor excuse. Or to put it another way, putting your anime story on 0 is an evil. The chance of gacha pairing to pop up is %. Shu goes to his parents When I was home, I really laughed seriously, and it was clear at that moment. Everything he did was irrelevant and he didn’t learn anything from it, so he was back to square one with nothing to show. As if to bring this home, the episode ends with a recap of the premiere’s goofy moment, only to add Khanna and her bro. Of course, this doesn’t do anything other than make the scene louder. In the end, I just don’t understand what that is trying to accomplish. If it wants to be a comedy, it’s not very funny. If it wants to be a tragedy, it spoils its own grief in every corner. It’s at its best when it tries to be a spicy romance, but even those moments are too sparse to support the series on its own. The impact at the end is the same as a kiss blowing directly into a hurricane big.


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