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Engagement Kiss – Episode 9

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and of A demon-kissing lesson at face value

, this episode takes the Pedestrian and seasons it with some engrossing melodrama. While it may be a faint compliment, I can at least say I liked this one better than last week’s section. Even a predictable heartstring pulling is preferable to a complete lack of emotional appeal. That is, ‘ attempt to convey opera tragedy failed, They’re especially pitiful compared to the intense competition this season. Let me actually Solve a paragraph competition problem. I only bring this up because I mentioned these shows in passing while browsing the reviews on

Crunchyroll , but I also think it’s instructive to think about why one show works and the other doesn’t. , for example, similarly deals with obsessions and people-to-people boundaries between. Inhuman, manifested especially forcefully in the arc of the second season. As a story, however, it’s more philosophical and thematically complex (to be fair, it’s more vulgar and offensive). But you can’t deny it’s about stuff , and doesn’t look beyond your nose. However, maybe is a more appropriate comparison, as another action forward and a delightful original series of animations by A-1. To that end, I’ll point to the lighthearted chemistry between Chisato and Takina, and the painful family bond between Chisato and her adoptive father. In fact, this week’s LycoReco

flashback theme with

. The difference is that LycoReco has previously laid the groundwork for the flashback supplement foundation, while

feels like a rush to fill before it’s too late blank. In isolation, I think the betrayal given to Miles is somewhat sad. Most of the demonization victims we’ve seen so far are emotionally vulnerable people, and Miles deserves at least that much depth. But the timing here, after the “big” turn and before his failure, was awkward. In their past conversations, we should see more of his fatherly love for Shu – not just through dialogue, but through framing and acting. With this background, his sense of regret here will be stronger. Along these lines, his daughter was introduced as a convenient excuse for his demonic deal. Smarter writing, which could have incorporated her into the episode prior to this episode, could have avoided this cheap feeling. I need more substance than the average anime wasting disease. From the good side Speaking of which, I like the most powerful example we get of Shu weaponizing Kisara’s memory meal for his selfish purposes. It’s a double attack: his memory does provide the fuel for Kisara to fight Miles, and his specific choice of memory removes any hesitation he might have had in killing Miles. The Memento style note on his hand further proves him The wish can even manipulate himself if it means achieving his goals. It’s worth mentioning that these goals are even more ambiguous now that we know his mom is Asmodeus. Her phrasing implies that Shu is not her biological son, but she is still part of the family he seeks revenge for. And the sister he wants to rescue is a certain half-demon. These are promising developments on the tramway, towards Shu’s tragic realization of what’s really taken from him — and what he’s taken from himself. Let me this week Be stingy about another thing: translation. I noticed the phrasing in the first few episodes was clumsy, but there are some real clichés scattered here. For example: “Apparently, they’re behind the recent phenomenon of humans turning into monsters that’s been happening so often in cities.” It’s parsable, but flows like a jar of molasses. In the same scene, “I’m sorry, but I don’t handle that kind of conversation” is just an unnatural retort, especially in a conversation between friends. As I learned more and more of Japanese on my own, I became more and more respectful of the translator’s plight. I recently tried to translate some simple tweets in LycoReco and even there I immediately missed a very obvious pun. It’s a tough, thankless job, which is why I put the blame entirely on the dealer for not providing enough resources. A sub-par translation doesn’t help when the show in question has other flaws. Although some Important revelation, No real surprises this week. The plot and emotional pacing are rote, and the main characters have little room for an engaging main melodrama. Why would the show waste more scenes featuring Mikhail, like a longer action sequence with Sharon and Ayano fighting side by side, when precious running time could be used for better things? I want more pain and more fighting nun hijinks. I hope can recalibrate itself into the approximate final arc because this This unremarkable ruthlessness is a one-way ticket, pierced by memory faster than the fragments of memory still floating in the gray matter of Shu.


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