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English dub of My Isekai Life Anime to air on August 22

HIDIVE It was announced on Friday that English dubbing of Shinkoshoto’s TV anime will begin of () August Light Novel Series 311. English Dubbing Cast includes:

  • Scott Gibbs As Yuji
  • John Gremillion as Proud Wolf
  • Christina Kelly as Slime

    Rob Mungle as Eyepatch Slime

  • Blake Shepard as Brow Mud

  • Tyler Fono as Leaf Slime
  • Mark X Laskowski as Stache Slime

  • Andrew Love as Gale

    Margaret MacDonald as Lily

      Joe Daniels as Aegis

      Adam Gibbs Rezin

    Courtland Johnson , Sellers Rodas, John Hallmark, Heath Morrow , John Swazi , Joe Daniels , Adam Gibbs , Anne Wilder , Brandon Hernsberg and Margaret MacDonald provides additional voices.

    John Swazi is ADR Supervisor . Joel McCray wrote the script. Brent Marshall for English mixing and Patrick Marley Luo is an audio engineer.

    The animation premieres at AT-X Channel July 4th 8:00: PM (7: am EDT) hours of the first two episodes Special broadcast. The animation also runs on Tokyo MX, BS NTV, and BS Fuji channel, as well as Abema and other streaming services in Japan. HIDIVE Exclusive anime as part of summer Hookup Season .

    The story centers on Sano Yuji, who is in a family A demanding company works its employees. After returning home from overtime, he received a message on his computer: “You’ve been summoned to another world!” It’s a game-like world with a full status bar and skills. Yuuji tamed the slime monster and became a tamer. Then, suddenly, he acquires a second profession – a saint – and awakens his supernatural powers. Yuji’s otherworldly adventure begins when he follows a slime that seems to be the weakest of all monsters.

    Kojima Keisuke (, ) Directed animation and character design at REVOROOT. Suzuki Kiyotaka ( ) is the assistant director. Fukushima Naohiro () Series script is being processed. Norihito Saitama is the lead animation director and additional character designer.

    Keisuke Goto () Also the chief animation director. Takezawa Satoshi () is responsible for the color design. Hira Aiko () is the art director of Studio Naya. Kobayashi Junsuke is SANZIGEN The director of photography. Tanaka Ryo () as sound director. Gin (

    ) Composed at Busted Rose. Pony Canyon is making music. Three Rock Band Non Stop Rabbit Performs the opening theme song “Mujikaku no Tensai” (inadvertently talented). The dubbing unit △Surachanzu, composed of six actors who play Slime in the play, will perform the ending theme song “Gohan Dai”! Da Da Da Da! ! “The members include Tono Hikaru (Sura), Kanno Mai (Surapacchi), Haruna Mikawa (Mayusawa), Erisa Kuon (Saruhappa), Nichika Omori (Higesura) and Miharu Hanai (Pekesura).

    GA novel imprint of SB creative starts in Published story with illustrations by Huuka Kazabana.PONJEA in Manga adaptation launched . Square Enix Manga & Books Licensed manga adaptation titled .

    Source: HIDIVE450 2018




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