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Enjoy Labor Day, the last stress-free weekend for NFL fans

If things are still the same as they were 25 years ago, we will have an NFL game this holiday weekend for a period of A three-day special to kick off the new season, even as much of the U.S. is having a summer that won’t let up in the heat and scorching heat.

The NFL has played on Labor Day weekend — and the actual Monday break itself — for years, starting with the league’s expansion in 1978 to The 16-game schedule begins, and it’s often used as a curtain-raiser for campaigning.

As with any opening song, there were brilliant and memorable performances, and some that were barely noticed at the time, let alone later generations. Dan Marino threw an epic 5 touchdowns, 473 yards for the Miami Dolphins against the New England Patriots in 1994. Three years later, the thundering feet of Tennessee Titans star Eddie George kicked the then-Oakland Raiders for 216 yards.

Finally, just a few months after we found out that the Y2K bug did not cause a disaster for civilization, the power of the high sky decided to move the calendar backwards, extending the seasons To deeper winters rather than to better times.

Things were different then, even the NFL press release. The person who announced the change oddly hoped its supporters would spend an extra free weekend “at the beach, country or BBQ”. If that happened today, they might suggest more time sitting in the air conditioner, playing on our phones and binge-watching Netflix.

Or, if we’re really productive, building our fantasy roster for the next few months. In just three days, the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills will perform their opening ceremonies duties. Everything will close and run again. Loyal fantasy players will be more likely to recite Samaje Perine and Laviska Shenault’s relevant numbers than their favorite uncle’s birthday.

Life changes. The schedule revolves around viewing habits. Sunday (and sometimes Monday and Thursday) presents a different dimension. For many fans, the wardrobe has strangely transformed into a strange preference for a single color.

If you’re one of the millions of people who play fantasy, the productivity level is about to shift as well. Of course, there are varying levels of interest and engagement, starting with home games where no one knows what’s going on, and basically sticking to making sure you replace your QB during bye week is usually enough to secure a win.

All the way down to the Manic League, where hawk-eyed and sly Peters set the alarm during unsociable times to give themselves the best chance of gaining an edge.

Baseball is no longer an American pastime. I’ve said the next point before, so apologies if you heard it before…no, congratulations on being a loyal reader.

America’s passion is football. America’s pastime is now overwhelmingly fantasy football.

The obsession with fantasy reflects professional football’s grip on American life. The grip is ironclad and its prisoners don’t want to be released.

Some sports are a pastime, football is an immersion. Just like the best real way to learn a language is to go to that country and be forced to speak it, our vocabulary changes automatically and we barely notice it during a football game.

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Football isn’t something you watch, it’s guesswork and distress. Being a football fan, of course, is not a stress-free experience.

Labor Day, the calm before the storm, is an unapologetic cliché because no time of year is as cliché as football season. How much will we hear this year? who knows? We only need one week at a time.

Well, frivolous enough. Here comes football. This is the last day before other things take over your life for the next five months. Take advantage of it in any way you like.

On the beach? In rural areas? Maybe at a BBQ?




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