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Enter the world of Norman Hartnell, the Queen's favourite couturier

Few fashion designers are as close to the British royal family as Close relationship as Norman Hartnell. Born into a family of wine merchants in Streatham, he became committed to fashion as a child watching musicals in London’s West End, recreating the clothes he saw at home every day with watercolor paints. The talent for costume drama he built never left him, and Hartnell famously said at the height of his career: “I despise simplicity; it is the denial of all good things.”

While studying Modern Languages ​​in Cambridge, he started making costumes for Footlights, working with Cecil Beaton – until Evening Standard published a major review of his work. “Are future costume geniuses in Cambridge now?” writes journalist Min Hogg. “Yesterday’s dress from The Bedder’s Opera by Footlights Dramatic Club made me wonder if Mr. N.B. Hartnell wasn’t considering the original Dresses conquer female London.”



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