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'Entourage' creators rage over proposed changes to show, don't realize it's a joke

Writer-Producer Doug Ellyn Falsely Slams “Incompetent Revisionist Hackers” as He Writes a McSweeney Satire Proposing Revising His HBO Hit Shows to reflect modern sensibilities.


‘Followers’ Claudette Barius / Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

accompany creator Doug Ellin to a post claiming that the HBO comedy series will be re-edited to reflect modern sensibilities (à la Roald Dahl and Agatha Christie).

Just one thing: the article is sarcastic, and Erin clearly doesn’t realize it.

Article written by McSweeney’s Max Davison (this should be the first lead) who pretended to be an HBO exec announced Entourage will be the network’s first series to take “sensitivity readings,” noting, “[Since 730], since then, we have There’s been a huge shift in perception, the game, and Ed Hardy… We just removed some problematic elements that were in the More socially acceptable times in Entourage. These include sexism, homophobia, misogyny, anti-Semitism , Questionable Sexual Politics, Asian Hatred, Toxic Masculinity, Casting Couches, Racial Slurs, Racism, Sexist Jokes, Abusive Workplace Language, Mocking Sex Workers, Cameos by James Woods and Ami Hammer, the fact that any woman would be willing to be attracted to Turtle or Johnny Drama, and the way white men can get away with it all and succeed despite having no obvious skills or work ethic… It’s a well-intentioned and subtle update, like history Steven Spielberg from ET edited like guns.

Examples of specific variations from the eight-season comedy series include lines like “Let’s hug, bitch” being said by ADR ” I value your male friendships and recognize your weaknesses, bro. ”

hit back at Irene tweeted on Thursday night: “You are a product of your times, you revisionist hacker. Incompetent nobody like you speaks on twitter, then your zombie friend speaks in the crappy paper, no one reads retweets your crap anymore. Tell President Obama and the New York Times how rude we are. Those who try to rewrite history are disrespectful. And it’s dangerous. Spielberg already regrets contacting aliens. Anyway, fuck you. Oh, and we also have Peabody and the BAFTA, you loser. “

Davidson explained : “Doug, I wrote this article. This is irony. It takes the sensitivity readout to extremes in editing programs 024 years ago. ET jokes are intentional. I’ve always wondered how it would feel if Ari Gold yelled dirty words at me. now I understand. ”

It is fair to say that this article succeeds because it is not difficult to imagine a critical theorist proposing such a change, which makes it an important response to a similar Smart critique of the effort. Spielberg recently admitted CHANGE ET was a mistake and criticized the changes in Dahl’s book: “To me, it’s sacrosanct. This is our history; this is our cultural heritage. I don’t believe in that kind of censorship.

Ellin admits his mistake, with the writer-producer admitting, “I’m not a very strong reader,” noting that he “could have an edible one.

Earlier, Erin accused HBO Max of The hidden follower has not been awakened enough . “[ Entourage ] hiding in , like building a ‘wish-fulfillment show’ [on HBO Max],” Ellin said in 15 while promoting his retrospective entourage Podcast, Victory Podcast . “It’s weird. We’re nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes almost every year, so instead of putting us at the top and putting other shows on the ‘must-see comedy’ list, I think, it’s weird.

Ellin also noted that he is unhappy that attitudes toward his show have changed in recent years. “I’m very disgusted with it because I don’t think the entourage is that people like to paint it as a crude boyfriend like it is now,” he said. “When we came out, the New York Times said we’re the smartest show on TV. Then, all of a sudden, this wave of righteous PC culture — again, you’re talking to a libertarian who wants everyone equal and wants everyone to become Kinder, gentler… most people know [Entourage] very realistically portrays the time in Hollywood at the time and people would write it as if what [Jeremy Piven’s bullying agent character Ari Gold] said was my way of expressing myself.”

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