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Erdem Moralioglu takes photos of friends and family, reveals his most personal inspirations in the magazine's new issue

Fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu arrives with what he calls a “Christmas wish list” to his first meeting with the team at A Magazine What he wants to do. “You know what’s funny? I haven’t recalled the first meeting,” he seemed to realize the middle of the sentence, “but a lot of things on the list actually came to life.” He seemed surprised. “It didn’t write it myself,” he continued, “but I know what it wants to be, and I want it to be something truly personal.”

Launching today, Erdem’s Magazine is truly a highly personal work, unlocking for readers all kinds of influences – both personal and creative – that shaped Moralioglu. “It has always been a dream of mine to do what I do now,” he added, “doing this magazine really reminds me of my year old me, my hopes and dreams, And what I’m obsessed with.” This issue explores themes of duality (the designers are twins), gender, and queerness through his interests in photography, film, music and art, and fashion.

This issue also features a 21 portfolio of friends and family by Moralioglu, some of which are shown here. “In the past years, I’ve always been photographing my collection, but recently I’ve started to do it more seriously,” he explained. In addition to his twin sister Sarah, there are actor Keira Knightley and her husband James Layton. his husband, Philip; even Wendy Dagworthy, his course director at the Royal Academy of Arts (“He gave me a scholarship to stay at the Royal Academy and let me graduate in my class”) .



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