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Eris' Holy Grail 3

The Holy Grail of Eris Novel 3



If left to their own design ces, history is perfectly willing to repeat itself. Whether it’s human nature or the cyclical nature of events may be debatable, but when history tells us that ten years ago a young woman was used as a pawn in a game she didn’t even know she was playing, it was for calling the police. Scarlett Castiel was not only executed, but defiled, a sacrifice her father and king made that only delayed the plans of those who opposed the kingdom, not ended them. The painful knowledge that Scarlett is only the star of her story in her mind is one of the strongest elements in the middle of the trilogy, and now in the third and final book, it looks like Constance Greer could be knocked out the same path.

Nothing showcases Scarlett’s character better than the fact that Scarlett and Connie are opposite personalities being used in the same way Tragically, almost no one stopped to blink. Yes, the fact that Connie has good friends and Scarlett’s gruff personality makes that unlikely, but the fact remains that men in positions of power are using the exact same tactics to discredit teenage girls to achieve their own ends. Daeg Gallus is seeking to have Connie executed for kidnapping young Prince Ulysses, a diversionary tactic that buys them more time to carry out their plans. They seem to be counting on people’s desire to see

good As disturbing truths about events continue to emerge, it turns out that Scarlett isn’t the only piece on the chessboard. Daeg Gallus begins to panic, and Constance Grail finds himself reliving Scarlett’s nightmare. Can the group really be toppled, or is Connie destined to become another Scarlett, vilified for being a young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time in history?

Holy Grail of Eris

Translated by Winifred Bird.


a The perpetrators are punished even though there is no real proof She is this the real perpetrators, they also hope to reproduce the bloodthirsty act of Scarlett’s execution ten years ago. But more importantly, Daeg Gallus’ actions mirror those of Duke Castiel’s past, showing how important little girls like Scarlett and Connie are in the long run;

Interestingly, we see this happen to Crown Princess Cecilia as well. Her past is finally fully revealed in this book, filling a major gap in our understanding of political machinations within the government. Cecilia may be fooled into thinking she’s making her own choices, but it’s clearly a state of mind she’s been led into, and in fact, she’s almost as powerless as Scarlett. By the time Cecilia finally takes a stand and actually makes her own decision, it’s too late for her to repeat Scarlett’s “choice” and feast on it. Nearly three female characters give such little control over their own lives that it makes Amelia and Lucia stand out in comparison. Yes, Amelia made a lot of really bad or questionable choices, but she made those decisions herself. Meanwhile, little Lucia, faced with the dire situation she finds herself in and having her path bulldozed, decides herself

No one is going to put her in a situation where how she dies is the only agency she has left. The women in the finale aren’t completely powerless, but they wield power in a more insidious way than anti-government conspirators.

Lucia, even more than Connie, is a beacon of hope for the future. As a young girl adopted by an aristocratic family, Lucia brings a street smarts unlike some of the other characters, and on top of that, she understands that things don’t have to be bad all the time. She’s been through a lot of ups and downs and it gave her a clearer picture of what she wanted in life and a determination to get out there and get it. It’s something Connie learns along the way, too, but her quiet pre-Scarlett life makes getting there all the more challenging. Connie needs Scarlett to offer her opinion; Lucia’s own experience means she already has it. Nobody could do to her what was done to the older ladies in the series.

is one of the most consumable English-translated light novel series, with only three volumes of the main story, and one of the best light novel series . It reveals the hypocrisy of a world that worships goddesses and mistreats women (Viscount Hemsworth’s dissolute priest is certainly an interesting example when we compare his behavior to that of others), and it also gives Our important characters are not because of their role in the story, but because of who they are as people. It’s full of emotion, and the second full-page illustration and the story that goes with it starkly remind us of behind-the-scenes heartbreak we don’t often see. Its world feels fully realized, and if it has too many named characters, at least we get those handy character summaries at the end of each chapter to help us keep track. The plot is much more than a twist on the tired villain formula (because that’s really just what it looks like), this is the light novel series for people who might be tired of light novels. It is a historical suspense novel worth collecting. 100 Disclosure: Kadokawa World Entertainment (KWE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation, the majority shareholder of Anime News Network, LLC. Yen Press, BookWalker Global, and J-Novel Club are subsidiaries of KWE.

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