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ESPN Is Making a Serena Williams Documentary Series

ESPN is giving another sports legend their own documentary series.

The sports media giant has begun production of the Serena Williams series, dubbed In The Arena: Serena Williams , promises “the most complete, intimate, and riveting account of her storied career, featuring first-hand views of Serena and the key people in her life” Featured.”

The collection was announced as part of Walt’s Disney Co.’s pre-show Tuesday afternoon in New York.

The series will be directed by Gotham Chopra and produced by ESPN, Religion of Sports, Tom Brady’s Productions and Williams and Carolyn Cole. Ninety Six Productions in Lille.

Details about the series, including the number of episodes and when and where it will debut, are expected to be announced at a later date.

Sports Religion previously produced The Man in The Arena: Tom Brady , chronicling the NFL star career. The Serena Williams collection suggests further expansion of the

In The Arena brand is possible. ESPN has also previously featured its documentary series The Last Dance and Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls Dynasty 199



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