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Esteban Cortázar will reissue 14 looks from his debut collection in the early 20th century

Regarding the collaboration, Rogers said, “Obviously from a design standpoint, all the references now to Y2K, and the icons that wear his collection, are just right.” And Miami Basel The art fair was the perfect place to launch it, not only because it’s home to Cortázar, but also because Farfetch is focusing more on the US market this year, particularly key markets like Los Angeles, Houston and South Florida. Rogers explained that part of the brand’s strategy was to look at the Latino and Hispanic market and “start talking to this customer segment that I don’t think is being specifically mentioned — not from a luxury standpoint.”

circa the early 00 years, not only Beyoncé wore Cortázar pieces, but so were TV stars. Kim Cattrall wore a Cortazar top on Sex and the City, in the infamous “Post-it Notes Always Twice” episode of Season Six. Sarah Jessica Parker on how the show’s popularity among the social media generation is what brought it back to HBO Max because And Just Like That. .. So why not bring some fashion from the show back too?

“We’re in an industry where it’s all about the next one, and I grew up hearing designers like Karl Lagerfeld say ‘I never look back, I’m always looking forward,'” says Cortázar. “But I like looking back.” Indeed, if fashion has proven anything in the past year, it’s the value of looking back. Many of the 1992 most talked about works come from re-imagining the past. Think of Marc Jacobs’ Heaven collection repackaging 00 and 1992 teenage dreams for today’s youth, or Glenn Martens in Diesel, another 2000 gem; even Madonna released her 1992 in collaboration with Saint Laurent and Anthony Vaccarello )Sex book reprint, also at this year’s Art Basel.


Targeting the new generation is Cortázar and Rogers The goal. “You want to refer to the past because it’s been amazing, but being able to talk to new audiences because obviously a lot of what we do is about new things is what’s really great,” Rodgers said. Extra bonus? These pieces reflect Cortázar’s twenty years of experience. “The pieces are exactly the same, just much better quality. I didn’t have the craftsmanship and expertise that I have now,” he explains.



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