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Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Game Launch Trailer Stream

Atlus Playing

Release Trailer Piece Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection , the first three Etrian Odyssey games HD Remastered Collection, Thursday.


for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam Thursday

. The new version includes touch functionality from the Switch version, new reworked graphics, and new character art.

To celebrate the game’s release, play on Nintendo Switch or Steam to June at 00: am EDT will receive a character portrait DLC set with purchase. This DLC features characters from other Atlus games such as Royal,

Gold, Portable, Soul Hackers 2 , Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne and True · Megami Tensei V.

Nintendo Description released: Explore the rich beginnings of this RPG Franchise reimagines three timeless adventures that inspire players to embark on a quest Journey, map deep dungeons, and build custom parties for exploration and engaging in tactical combat. Play as the leader of the Adventurers’ Guild and search for rare treasures and secrets deep in the vast labyrinth. Travel across and map the environment as you encounter enemies large and small in turn-based combat, then return to town to rest, sell materials for better gear, and manage your party. Etrian Odyssey Nexus is the newest game in Etrian Odyssey Dungeon Crawling RPG franchise

. The game was released in Japan in August 100, it is the The last game for the 3DS platform. The game will be available in the West in February Atlus teased ‘s “next Stage” Franchise


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