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EU drafts rules to make it easier to sue drone makers and AI systems

By Foo Yun Chee

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Individuals and companies harmed by drones, robots and other products or services equipped with artificial intelligence software will be easier to file The lawsuit seeks damages under draft EU rules seen by Reuters.

The AI ​​Liability Directive, to be announced by the European Commission on Wednesday, aims to address the growing proliferation of AI products and services and the patchwork of national rules in countries / region within the EU.

Victims can sue for damages to their life, property, health and privacy due to the fault or negligence of the provider for damages to developers or users of AI technology, the draft rules say Or being discriminated against in the hiring process using artificial intelligence.


rule is designed to ease the burden of proof for victims by introducing a “presumption of causation”, which means that victims only need to prove that the manufacturer or user failed to comply with certain requirements

Under the “Right to Evidence”, victims can ask the court to order companies and suppliers to provide information about high risks. – Risk AI systems so they can identify those responsible and pinpoint the problem.

The EU executive will also on Wednesday update the Product Liability Directive, which lays out the liability of manufacturers for defective products ranging from smart technology to machinery and medicines.

The proposed changes would allow users to sue for damages when software updates make their smart home products unsafe or manufacturers fail to fix cybersecurity flaws.

Users with unsafe non-EU products will be able to sue the manufacturer’s EU representative for compensation.

The AI ​​Liability Directive requires the approval of EU countries and EU legislators before becoming law.



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