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EU warns TikTok to comply with its new online rules or face ban

The European Union is putting pressure on TikTok to comply with the newly passed Digital Services Act (DSA). The DSA aims to improve content moderation on social media platforms, including creating transparency about why certain content is removed and how advertisers target users.

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton told Shouko that TikTok must start complying with the new rules well before the September 1 deadline. Under the new rules, the social network could face fines of up to 6% of its annual revenue, and things could escalate to banning the platform from operating in the EU.

“With younger audiences taking on greater responsibility,” Brittany told Chew. TikTok spokeswoman Caroline Greer tweeted that the platform is committed to complying with the DSA, GDPR and disinformation code of conduct.

Breton wrote a blog post titled “Some Social Media Are Wolves in Disguise” which you can read here. It mentions the platform with “short videos featuring catchy music, dance moves and visuals”. The post addresses concerns about EU user data being sent outside the EU and how the DSA aims to create a safer digital space for all European users, especially younger ones.

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