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Eudon Choi 2023 Pre-Fall Collection

While Eudon Choi’s clothes are sleek and functional, the designer also knows how to tell a story, whether it’s a subtle nod to his latest film discovery or weaving the bright colors of his latest resort into a his palette. However, while his Pre-Fall collection was indeed a response to his most recent trip — in this case, to his native Seoul, where he was finally able to return since last year’s Covid restrictions were lifted — it turned out to be Intentionally pared down –

“I find it fun to go to the stores there and check out the trends, it feels very young, sexy and bold,” explains Choi. “But I don’t think it will resonate with me personally. I want to do something that feels timeless—I think my clothes have always been about attitude rather than a certain age.”

He Make no mistake: The general customizability and mild sophistication of his designs have already made him a particular favorite among post-Phoebe Philo shoppers of working women (though those looking for the aforementioned styles at more affordable prices). A softer color story in this season’s neutrals and muted blue tones — and a satisfying chunky belted schoolcoat and wavy pleated trousers — with Cate Blanchett at Tár, while a collection of playful knits and blouses that can be buttoned up or wrapped around is a striking attempt at a neutral look this season, reminiscent of His early training as a menswear designer. (That’s not to say there aren’t more lively touches in some well-placed lime greens and coral reds, too.)

Choi’s “timeless” mission is also about him rethinking seasonality Wardrobe overhaul ideas. “I know it sounds cliché, but I want to think about designs that actually last a long time in your closet,” he said. Still, when we talk, there’s already discussion about where his next season of the series might go—don’t be surprised if there’s a reference or two to Choi’s recent cultural diet.



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