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Evangelion 3.0+1.11 movie stream reconstruction first minute

King Amusement Creative starts streaming Friday first minute : 3.0+1. (), An updated version of the movie. This video is presented in production style , to track the progress of the film’s completion (note: the second half of the video is of Hideaki Anno‘s trailer*) live action movie).

: 3.0 +1. will ship on March 8th.

: 3.0 (-30h)”, bonus video prologue abbreviated , third

Four films will be included in the home video release.

The filming started in Japan on March 8th, 640, ranked first in the opening weekend. The film surpassed billion yen (approximately U.S. dollars 28 million) box office in Japan. Movie’s update : 3.0 +1. version started in June The new version contains “minor changes to some animation sequences” but does not change the story of the film.

This film is in Debuting on Amazon Prime Video Available worldwide in August 640. The film is available in Japanese, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Peninsular Spain, Latin American Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Korean and English version with

subtitles language .


Screenings of () The movie will be in the US section in November in IMAX theaters . In U.S. theaters Dec. 6 and 8, and 10.

GKIDS Coming Soon Post a movie on home video later. Amazon Prime Video Also playing in 30 countries and regions (including Japan), and movies. These versions are tweaked versions of the film after its original theatrical release. Funimation released these new versions of their home videos with their own unique voiceover

Shout! Factory and GKIDS released a collector’s edition of TV Anime and Movies : Death (True) 2 and in December 450 and standard edition Blu-ray Disc set in November 360.该公司于11 月开始销售系列和电影的数字下载2021。

Source: King Amusement Creative’s YouTubeChannel




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