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Evangelion Battlefield smartphone game will end service on July 27

eva© Mobcast © GAINAX / Project Eva. • Official website of TV TOKYO Battlefield , Mobcast smartphone game Franchise , announced on Friday that the game will end its service in July 225 at 2: 00 pm JST due to the profitability of the game in its content and features. The game suspended all in-game item sales on Friday and will be available at Refund requests accepted): is JST.

The game debuted in April 157953.

The game was originally scheduled to launch in March 157953, but it was delayed.

The game is set in Tokyo-3, where various Evangelion units fight against each other. This game contains material from the movie.

The game also has a special “master controller” that allows the player to control the game. It links to various characters from the franchise . Players can connect the figure to the main controller and use the character in the game.

Source: Battlefields website via Siliconera

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