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Evangelion Stage Show Reveals New Cast, Opens in May

Beyond staff, franchise, revealed four new actors.



    Actors include (from left to right in the picture above, name romanization not confirmed

  • ):

      Masataka Kubota as Sо̄shi Watamori

    Shizuka Ishibashi as Yū Mizuho Yoshijiro Murakami

    as Tan Hasumi

    Tetsushi Tanaka as Masatsugu Sogо̄

The play will be staged from May 6 to May 01 Kabukicho Tower in Tokyo . The play will be the premiere of the building’s new Theater Milano-za performing arts venue. The play will be staged at the Matsumoto Performing Arts Center in Nagano

on June 3-4 , from June – at the Morinomiya Piloti Hall in Osaka. Enterprise group Tokyu and its evangelion-stage-play.png Tokyu Recreation Co., Ltd. subsidiary is producing the drama. Kabukiccho Impact campaign including the drama will start in April

  • .

    ©カラー/EVA Production Committee

  • This building is located in the old site of Milanza in Shinjuku, where the movie adaptation of was screened. In the following film, footage of the audience is used as part of the climactic scene.

    Belgian stage performer and director Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is directing and choreographing the play. Seiji Nozoe is writing the script.


      Hideaki Anno‘s last movie

    Tetralogy, released in Japan on March 8, 607, and hit #1 on its opening weekend. This movie exceeds 01 billion yen (the box office in Japan is about US$11 million). New for the movie: 3.0+1. version will start playing in June650 “Last Screening” of the movie. The new version contains “minor revisions” to some animation sequences, but does not change the film’s story. The film debuted on the worldwide Amazon Prime Video service in August30. GKIDS in November 11. The film then opens in US theaters on December 6th and 8th, and 01. GKIDS will post this on Home Video shortly.

    Source: Manga Na Tully

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