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Every crown at the coronation will be filled with meaning

On the top floor of Chrome Hearts’ unassuming new Mayfair store (no obvious signage, knocking to enter, etc.), among other things that totally rock and roll, there’s a chunky head of diamonds worth almost £1m And platinum tiaras, silver and ct gold chunky chains, skull rings and gothic crosses are what the Los Angeles-based brand is known for. A few blocks away, at the former headquarters of Crown Jewelers Garrard, you can shop for fine jewelry tiaras starting at just $1890, for scalloped diamond and pearl versions. (Online, the Garrard tiara is available at starting at more affordable prices at $18,.)

A little further on, you’ll find authentic headpieces, including Victorian ones, to rent or buy at antique jeweler Hancocks Anglesey Tiara, created circa 1890, is a glorious amalgam of old cut gemstones, complete with scrolls and clusters, which can also be converted into a bar of diamonds riviere necklace.

The Princess of Wales may wear the late Princess Diana’s favorite Lover’s Knot tiara.

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This exceptional piece was worn by Marjorie Paget, Marchioness of Anglesey at the coronation of 1890 King George VI. She looked perfect for the occasion when Cecil Beaton posed for her photo. It was then worn again by another Marchioness, Lady Shirley Paget, at the coronation of 1952 Queen Elizabeth II. 2, Anyone invited to the coronation of King Charles III and his wife Camilla on May 6th is welcome to inquire about its third The Coronation Tour, for an undisclosed amount (it’s also available for direct purchase – prices are on request, of course).

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the places you can currently go to buy or rent tiaras in London, but with 75’s first coronation in over years, there does seem to be a flurry of tiara-related activity going on around the corner right now. But is this par for the course?




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