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Every 'Predator' Movie Ranked: From 'The Prey' to 'Requiem'

Prey , new release on Hulu , probably our best The Predator movie was seen in years .

In honor of this, we thought it might be a good time to rank each of the Predator movies, from worst to best. Yes, we will include the Alien vs. Predator movie. sorry.

let’s start…

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7. Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

No surprises here. Despite grossing $130 million at the box office, 2007’s “Alien vs. Predator: Requiem” was a terrible movie. Not even a good movie, a downright bad movie. The plot is completely disconnected, the characters are two-dimensional, and it completely misunderstands why the Predator, as a series and cultural artifact, is so important to so many people.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem features goofy video game violence, but low tension for the high tension that Predator is known for. bad.


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The stars should be predators Align.

Shane Black, who appeared in the 1987 original (apparently helped with some live rewrites) led the 2018 reboot. Given Blake’s legacy — he’s written some of the best action films of all time, starting with “Lethal Weapon” and directed recent classics like “The Good Guys” and “Kissing Bang Bang” — we are very impressed with “Iron Blood” Warrior’s expectations are higher. Sadly, he seems to have misunderstood the assignment.

Much like Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, the Predator feels incoherent, more focused on action movies One-liners, rather than building something as compact as the original classic movie.

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This is the kind of movie that wasn’t supposed to succeed, but kind of succeeded ?

Alien vs. Predator, from 2004, has just the right amount of video game-style goofiness. Given that it’s directed by Paul WS Anderson, the man behind an incredible nine

video game movie adaptation , which makes sense.

“Alien vs. Predator” carries a lot of energy he’s seen in the “Resident Evil” franchise. Just wild and silly – but fun.



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Predator 2 didn’t do well when it was released in 1990, but over time it became more and more appreciated by big gamers, and while it was a bit odd, it took a lot of time.

Predator 2 takes the story out of the jungle and into the city, but also plunges the story into a bizarre Robocop-esque, drug-dealing subplot. Danny Glover’s performance is cool, and uh… Gary Busey, it takes it to the next level. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the ending, which brings Danny Glover’s character to the Predator’s ship for the final battle.

http://www.cnet.com/ http://www.cnet.com/ u0022u0022nn


http://www.cnet.com/20th Century Fox

Someone reading this list might see this spot and assume I don’t like Prey. But in fact, it’s not. Prey is a great movie with a lot of great elements.

I love the recurring theme and the way it relates to predator and prey. Prey is also a beautifully shot film, set in a slightly different landscape than before. I also love the idea of ​​pulling out Assassin’s Creed with the Predator series, setting each one in a completely different historical period.

But I have some small problem notes.

Mainly around CGI. It’s going to be dated badly and, in some cases, already looks bad. To make matters worse, it seems that there are CGI shots that would be more effective in terms of actual effects.

Still, Prey is arguably the best Predator movie in years.


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I wanted to say up front that for the coveted No. 2 spot, Prey and the Predators are pretty close on this list.

That’s why I put Predators before Prey since 2010.


    The prey has just come out, and there is a certain degree of recency bias. It feels really good to have a good, new Predator movie to watch.

The Predator is actually pretty good. It features Adrien Brody in a very interesting, slightly different type of hero performance. In fact, the entire cast, starring Topher Grace, Alice Braga, and Laurence Fishburne, is quite compelling.

I love the whole setting of Predator. Instead of visiting Earth, the crew is a group of humans kidnapped and placed in a hunting sanctuary on the predator home planet. It’s a cool idea and it’s executed well.

The film is dark and heartfelt in an understated way that reminds me of the original. Prey does something similar, but Predators have their own set of ideas and expand the universe in interesting ways.

I’m a looter of loyal fans. There should be more people watching.


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