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Everyone in London Is Going “Cobain Blonde” for Fall

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According to Irwin, Cobain blonde is the new beachy blonde balayage, a switch that has been driven by Gen Z-ers, who tend to seek out warmer, all-over blondes over subtler sun-kissed tips. That’s not to say it’s a trend that’s just suited to a younger audience, though. “Cobain blonde is edgier and cooler and works on all ages and aesthetics—you just have to look at old pictures of Drew Barrymore, Courtney Love, and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy for inspiration,” says Irwin. “They all look so stylish and effortless.”

To create the look, Irwin says it’s all about marrying a “teased root with various levels of lightening to add contour”. She then applies a professional hair gloss—Matrix’s honey Tonal Control is her product of choice—on top, to infuse color with a warm vanilla hue, while imparting a mirror-like shine.

Great for all hair textures and styles, Cobain blonde is the low-maintenance, minimal-commitment way to do hair color—it’s no wonder London’s finest are doing it right now.

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