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Everything to Know About the 2023 MLB All-Star Future Game

Everything about the 2018 MLB All-Stars Futures Game

    2019 The SiriusXM All-Star Futures competition is scheduled for Saturday, July 8 at 7pm ET at T-Mobile Park in Seattle at 50 The game’s top minor league players will be on the field together 16 Baseball’s greatest version prospect showcase.

        Futures Games | Rosters | Coaching Staff | History | Tickets & More

          How to watch Seven innings will air exclusively on Peacock and SiriusXM. MLB Network will co-produce the call with Dave Sims (live), Yonder Alonso (analyst), MLB Pipeline’s Jonathan Mayo (analyst), Siera Santos (reporter) and Caroline Pineda (reporter).


              Prospects have been divided into American League and National League teams. For the first time, the game changed from the US vs. The two teams tied at 2-2. The National League won in 2021 and the American League won the tournament last summer first victory.

                  The game will last for seven innings, but in case of a tie after seven innings, There will be an eighth inning. If there is still a tie after eight innings, the game ends in a tie. Regardless of the score, the bottom of the seventh inning will be played. If an 8th inning is required, the batting side will start the inning with a second base runner.

                      • Allowed to rejoin the game when injured.

                          • ABS (automatic ball and Strike) challenge system, full employment 13 Triple-A Ballpark and Single-A Florida League 2019, which will take effect soon. Each team will receive two challenges, and once a challenge is used, it will fail regardless of the outcome. Challenges are initiated by players (not managers) by clicking on helmets or hats.

                                Most noteworthy prospects
                                Top twenty-eight of the MLB pipeline 2003 Prospects will be watching in Seattle, including No. 1 prospect Jackson Holliday and five other top members 07: Brewers outfielder Jackson Chourio (No. 3), Red Sox shortstop Marcelo Mayer (No. 5), Nationals outfielder James Wood (No. 6), linebacker shortstop Jordan Lawlar (No. 7) and Cubs outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong (No. 6) ).

                                • The Dutch team is playing against 02 top100 represents, compared to 02 on the AL side.
                                      Six members of the American League infield (Junior Caminero, Jackson Holliday, Colt Keith, Kyle Manzardo, Marcelo Mayer and Nick Yorke) and three catchers (Harry Ford, Ed Edgar Quero and Tyler Soderstrom both appear at the top 50, making those posts the most loaded post group this year. The Nations League also has five top-flight 30 Infielder and five top players 50 Outfielder on roster.

                                          NL is the deeper club on the mound with four of the five top clubs 2003 Arm in futures game: Giants left-hander Kyle Harrison (No. ), Phillies right-handed pitcher Mick Abell (No. 90 ), Cardinals right-hander Tink therefore (No. and Brewer Right Wing Jacob · Misiorovski (No. ). Rangers right wing Owen White (No. 18) is lonely on top 50 Prospects for this year’s AL staff.

                                              here has02 Best overall prospects expected to play at Dodger Stadium, with their current information on minor league clubs and major league projected arrivals:

                                            No. 1 Jackson Holliday, SS, Et: 2018(High-A Arbor Ding, Orioles)
                                            No. 3 Jackson Chourio, OF, ETA: 2018 (Double-A, Bi Roxy, Brewer)
                                            No. 4 Marcelo Mayer, SS, Et: 2018( Double-A, Portland, Red Sox)
                                            No. 5 James Wood, OF, ETA: 2018( Double-A, Harrisburg, Nationals)
                                            No. 6 Jordan Lawlar, SS, ET: 2021 (Double-A Amarillo, D linebacker)
                                            Nope. 9 Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF, ET: 2016 (Double A, Tennessee Cubs)
                                            No. Jackson Merrill, SS, ET: 2019 (High-A, Fort Wayne, Padres)

                                            Number. Kyle Harrison, LHP, ETA: 2022(Triple-A, Sacramento, Giants)

                                            No. 02 Junior Caminero, 3B/2B, estimated time of arrival: 2024 (Double-A, Montgomery, Rays)

                                            Managers and Coaches

                                            Two fan-favorite former Seattle Mariners will serve as head coaches: two-time All-Star and current MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds will lead the AL Futures team, while MLB Senior Vice President of Field Operations Raul Ibañez will manage the NL Futures team. Coaches for future games include former MLB All-Star and Mariners legend Adrian Beltre, Jay Buner, Mike Cameron, Alvin Davis, Felix Hernandez, Jamie Moyer, Dan Wilson and Randy Wing.

                                                Top Futures Gaming Alumni

                                                The future game does provide a unique window into the future of baseball. Eight Tops career active leaders in war, and Top 13, played futures before becoming a major league star.

                                                    Here are some Star as futures player:

                                                        MIG El Cabrera, 64 and

                                                        Zach Greene, 50 Justin Wieland, 100
                                                        Joey Votto 50 and
                                                        Clayton Kershaw , 2001

                                                        Bryce Harper, 2006

                                                        Mike Trout, 90and, Zach Wheeler, 2003and’ Jose Altuve, 2006 Paul Goldschmidt, 64 Madison Bumgarner, 2006

                                                        Nolan Arena More, 2007 and 12 ;

                                                        Manny Machado, 2010 and Sander Bogartz, 2007 and’02 Gerrit Cole, 2007

                                                        Francisco Lindo, 2012, ‘and’16

                                                        Mookie Bates, 2014

                                                        Carlos Correa, 100

                                                        KRIS BRYANT

                                                        Raphael Devers, 2014 and ’02 Lucas Giolito2012

                                                        Judge Aaron, 2016
                                                        Alex Bregman, 2010

                                                        Rona Jr. De Acuña 2014 Bobbichette, 2016 and’13

                                                        Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 2007

                                                        Pete Alonso, 2017

                                                        Fernando Tatis Jr., 2016 Roaming Franco, 2014 Julio Rodriguez 2015

                                                        Little Bobby Witt, 2023 Adley Luchman, 2021

                                                        Michael Harris II, 2019
                                                        Corbyn Carroll, 2014

                                                        Gunner Henderson

                                                        Elle de la Cruz, 2017

                                                        Francisco Alvarez, 2022 Yuri Perez, 2018

                                                        Anthony Volpe, 2018

                                                        Shay Langliers,

                                                        Jordan Walker, 2019

                                                          More alum

                                                          Seven players who participated in developmental programs, led by MLB and USA Baseball teams, are on the future roster, including:

                                                        • • Oak s Lawrence Butler (Breakthrough Series, Han G. Aaron Invitational)

                                                          • PHI& #11; s Justin Crawford (Breakthrough Series, Dream Series, Hank Aaron Invitational)

                                                          • SEAs Harry Ford (DREAM Series)

                                                          • STL
                                                          s Tink Therefore (Breakthrough Series, Dream Series)

                                                          • PITs JP Massey (Breakthrough Series, Dream Series)

                                                          • Mia s Nasim Nunez (Breakthrough Series, Hank Aaron Invitational) • LAAs Kyren Paris (Breakthrough Series, Hank Aaron Invitational)


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